Uncut with Jay Cutler

Ryan Lochte talks about depression after missing the Olympics, becoming a big shot at UF, his terrible reality show and going from beloved to hated on Uncut with Jay Cutler

Jay sits down with swimming legend Ryan Lochte, who immediately talks with Jay about battling depression after he didn't make the Olympic team and how he and Jay both faced the reality of doing something else when their careers finally end. Ryan also jokes about having NO plan if swimming didn't work out, and how he was a big shot on the UF campus because of his swim prowess. Ryan and Jay also joke about reality shows, both having been on them, and Ryan kids that he apologizes to people that watched his show because it was just so bad. Ryan also talks about the highs and lows of going through the 2016 controversy in Brazil, and how he went from beloved to hated when the media seized on the story.

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