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Self love gets thrown around life confetti. But maybe we've had the wrong approach until now. Maybe, self love isn't just forcing on the good, but also acknowledging the not so good to really be able to work it. We chat with the incredible Kim Morrison, amazing author and health and lifestyle educator, as to how we can actually get real when it comes to self love - without the bunny rabbits, fluffy lambs and fairy floss. Real, open and honest.

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The Wellness Collective (AUS)
00:35:37 10/15/2018

Past Episodes

Sometimes all we need is a good pep talk and Susan Hyatt is certainly the person who's going to help whip your life into shape. Cecelia and Nat dive in and asked Susan the raw and real questions on how women can really strip back the layers, see past body image, ditch the diet and live the life we all deserve and have fun whilst doing it! Susan shows us how we can have it 'all' with the right approach. Totally is an episode that will have you feeling happier, healthier and better.
00:32:44 3/14/2019
No jokes. Plastics and other chemicals are affecting men's penises at an alarming rate, yet we tend to focus on female hormones that are affected us rather than the men in our life. In this episode Cecelia and Nat chat with Professor Andrew Pask about how we can better protect the crown jewels!
00:32:05 3/7/2019
Dr Amantha Imber is an innovation psychologist who teaches people how they can implement innovation into their daily lives. She chats with Cecelia and Nat on how to be more productive, improve your mood and positivity at work and how to holiday smarter and not harder (and not come home feeling like you need another holiday!). A jam-packed episode with something for everybody.
00:24:37 2/28/2019
We can't get enough of Lola Berry. Our favourite nutritionist, best-selling author and yogi chats all things yoga with Cecelia and Nat but the episode takes a few unexpected turns including detailed discussion on bowel motions and celery juice. This episode will definitely have you laughing and feeling happier, healthier and better (with or without celery juice).
00:28:52 2/21/2019
Founder of the $1000 project, Canna Campbell makes financial wellness and money mindfulness look easy. Money worries can cause stress which just sets us on a perpetual spiral contributing to health issues and a pretty unhappy state of survival. In this episode Nat and Cecelia learn how simple it really is to create financial freedom with straightforward steps you can start to implement today.
00:35:32 2/14/2019
Nat and Cecelia continue the conversation with child protection officer, Carl Collins around keeping our loved ones safe. They talk about how childhood abuse and trauma can spill into physical conditions for women like endometriosis or pelvic pain and how prevention by keeping our children safe can pave the way for a healthier future both mentally and physically.
00:29:29 2/7/2019
Our children's safety is of the utmost priority. A subject not openly discussed is how to recognise people in the community who may be a threat. A somewhat dark topic, Cecelia and Nat speak with Carl Collins, a former senior child protection officer, about how we can recognise when our children's safety might be compromised, about what we can do and why this is so important for long term wellbeing.
00:37:38 1/31/2019
Are essential oils safe and effective? Can you really eat them and when do you need to be cautious using them? Nat and Cecilia ask Aromatherapist Kim Morrison. If you're sitting on the fence with essential oils or you're an avid user, this is a must listen. Kim Morrison is an Aromatherapist of 27years. She has diplomas in Holistic Aromatherapy, Sport and Remedial Therapies, Fitness Leadership and Homebotanical Therapies. She is a qualified Personality Trainer and has completed studies in nutrition, reflexology and counselling.
00:25:09 1/24/2019
Removing mental health stigma is AFL legend Wayne Schwass' ambition. He shares his personal mental health journey with Nat and Cecelia and how he is now helping thousands of others to lead healthier lives. In this episode you'll learn some excellent tips on how to support those (or yourself) experiencing challenges.
00:38:09 1/17/2019

As a women, it can be super hard to love and live in the skin you're in. Truthfully, there are so many phases and stages along the way. With Nat's new book on the horizon, Cecelia and Nat dive into some of the research Nat uncovered as she wrote Beautiful You as well as discuss how as women, we can understand our body's better, no matter what age. After all, it's our obligation as to empower ourselves and be the best example for future generations to come.

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00:28:20 12/19/2018

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