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Rachel Lorin Sippin' On Willett, Lagavulin and Foursquare Rum.

On this episode of The Fred Minnick Show, singer-songwriter and model Rachel Lorin drops by. Born in Atlanta, the 25-year-old Lorin began singing at age 12 and went on to launch her career by way of the reality singing show, "Next Big Thing." Her newest single "Shoot a Man" is out now. On the show, she and Fred discuss pot stills, southern food, skiing, the music business and, of course, bourbon. Whiskeys tasted: Willett Pot Still (6:45) 291 Colorado Whiskey (16:29) Lagavulin 16 Year Old (26:43) Foursquare Rum 12 Year Old (38:43) EPISODE SUMMARY Fred and Rachel talk about a wide variety of subjects, such as: Rachel's first taste of whiskey came when she was a baby and her dad put whiskey on her gums to help relieve teething pain. Fred describes what a pot still is for Rachel as they start to sip the Willett Pot Still. She talks about her new song, "Shoot a Man," which is a fictional story set in a saloon. Fred goes through his standard tasting techniques to get Rachel started on her flight. Then she tastes it and says, "Whoo! This is going to put hair on my chest!" Her standard spirit while touring is Hennessy cognac. Rachel is hopeful she can embark on another tour this year, with covid restrictions lifting across the U.S. "It's going to be good to be back on stage. It's going to feel weird." They talk about pairing fried chicken with bourbon. Rachel suggests throwing in some waffles for good measure. Fred jokes that this episode is sponsored by the American Heart Association. (Hear that, AHA? It was just a joke.) They then go to the 291 Colorado Whiskey, which is over 130 proof. Fred warns her that it's likely going to come in hot, or as he put it, it's "more in a feisty zone." She takes a drink and admits it "has a bite." They talk about her hit tune "Kerosene" briefly, which recently hit 1 million streams on Spotify, which leads them to talk about the music streaming industry. She then talks about how the sometimes slow pace of releasing music can drive her a little nuts. The peaty aroma of the Lagavulin catches Rachel off guard; she decides to "let it breathe for a minute." She talks about her musical influences as she was growing up, which, interestingly, leaned toward classic rock. She notes she was in a Journey cover band when she was a teen-ager. But the band she's seen perform live the most is Muse. Fred says his favorite concert of all time was a birthday surprise from his wife to see Garth Brooks in a small setting in Las Vegas. They finish the session with the Barbados-made Foursquare rum. Rachel's response is "Wow." When it's all said and done, the Lagavulin is Rachel's favorite. QUOTABLES "Anything alcoholic, I never kick out of my bed. Whiskey is one of my favorites." Rachel Lorin RESOURCES See for privacy information.

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