Matt Williamson & Jay Soderberg are today's guest with Ross on the RTFP. They talk about how they got started in the podcast business, their old show at ESPN, & what they're up to now.

00:40:50 6/12/2018

Past Episodes

Ross talks with NBC's Peter King on today's podcast about leaving Sports Illustrated, his move to NBC, and how he helped Ross get his start in sports media.
00:36:25 6/17/2018
Andrew & Ross discuss the Mini camp holdouts, player fines, Gronk, & more on today's RTFPodcast.
00:38:08 6/14/2018
Ross's Dad, Jim Tucker is today's guest on the podcast. Jim talks about what it's like to be the father of an NFL player, his safety concerns for Ross as a football player , & more.
00:37:01 6/10/2018
New Orleans Saints special teams coach Mike Westhoff is today's guest on the podcast talking about the new kickoff rules in the NFL this season.
00:41:23 6/6/2018
Andrew & Ross talk about Aaron Rodgers contract demands, the Eagles White House fiasco, and the XFL on today's podcast.
00:38:43 6/5/2018
Today's podcast is focused on the news aka "Tucks Takes" including Ross's thoughts on Michael Kendricks signing with the Browns, Dolphins inking Bobby Mclain, Aaron Rodgers wanting a contract extension, the Broncos ownership issues, & more.
00:41:34 6/4/2018
Dan Katz, aka 'Big Cat' from Barstool Sports is today's guest on the RTFP. He and Ross discuss burner accounts, the miserable Patriots, and the NFL's latest faux pas.
00:36:54 5/30/2018
Ross & Andrew discuss the fallout from the NFL's 'anthem ruling' that came down last week.
00:36:34 5/29/2018
The Ringer's Kevin Clark is joins Ross on the RTFP to talk about quarterback intangibles.
00:44:57 5/27/2018
MMQB NFL Reporter Albert Breer joins Ross on today's podcast to talk about the NFL's national anthem rule.
00:36:48 5/23/2018

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