The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt

Andrew weighs in on the NFL's anthem policy, NBA contracts, the Franchise Tag deadline, & LeSean McCoy on this week's podcast.

00:27:02 7/10/2018

Past Episodes

Former Eagles & Brown President Joe Banner is this week's guest with Andrew. They talk a lot about Josh Gordon, Khalil Mack, Carson Wentz starting, & more.
00:41:49 9/18/2018
Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins talks with Andrew about the Serena Williams US Open Final controversy.
00:27:34 9/12/2018
NY Times author Mark Leibovich talks with Andrew about his new book, "Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times." Mark talks about his dealings with Roger Goodell, several owners, and the inner workings of the league.
00:45:40 9/2/2018
On this week's podcast, Andrew dives deep into the new contracts for Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham Jr.
00:29:12 8/29/2018
Veteran NFL writer Dan Pompei talks with Andrew about his collaboration with Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson on the his new book, Fearless.
00:26:47 8/22/2018
This week Andrew goes in depth on Tom Brady's contract adjustment, Roquan Smith ending his holdout, & the latest on the anthem protests.
00:23:04 8/14/2018
This week on the Business Of Sports, Andrew talks about NFL rookie contracts, the NBA & its stance on sports gambling, and NFL holdouts.
00:19:25 8/7/2018
On this week's 'Business Of Sports,' Andrew talks with former NFL WR Anquan Boldin about his activism, the player's coalition, & what's behind the player protests.
00:38:22 7/29/2018
Seat Geek Co-Founder Jack Groetzinger talks with Andrew about starting Seat Geek, what makes them different, how they grew, their partnership with SnapChat, & more.
00:26:13 7/24/2018
Andrew talks with the preeminent sports agent of our time, Leigh Steinberg about his start in the business, how the agent business has changed over the years, and his advice for aspiring agents.
00:44:28 7/16/2018

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