Spike's Car Radio

Recorded over cigars in Jerry's hangar, the guys drive a VW Beetle, drink a lot of Pamplemousse LaCroix, discuss the fabled "Porsche Book", and the importance of driving your cars and not just preserving them.

Spike's Car Radio
01:15:27 3/7/2018

Past Episodes

Actor James Marsden joins Spike to talk about his new hit Netflix show Dead to Me, a season 3 Westworld spoiler, his love of cars and watches, and how he got a GT3T allocation and vertigo in the same moment!
01:09:53 6/12/2019
Spike, Matt Farah and Zuckerman field listener comments about what pisses them off (automobile-related or otherwise) from the Malibu Kitchen breakfast nook. Many grievances are aired!
01:28:36 6/5/2019
ICON's Jonathan Ward joins Spike to talk about his Go Campaign: Vintage Hollywood charity event in Bel Air and some of the guests and cars you might see there!
01:00:29 5/29/2019
Writer and comedian Barry Marder joins Spike and Z to talk about the long running "Letters From a Nut", the new play starring Patrick Warburton, and working with Spike on Bee Movie.
01:05:13 5/22/2019
Actor and comedian David Cross sits down with Spike to talk about his new standup special, "Oh, Come On!" Also, his time on Mr. Show and Arrested Development, plus listener questions!
00:56:21 5/15/2019
Patrick Long returns to SCR to talk with Spike and Z about this year's Luftgekühlt, what kind of event they're expecting, and some of the cars people will be able to see!
00:59:43 5/8/2019
Motor Trend writer Jonny Lieberman joins Spike and Z to talk about his work with the magazine, his many flat tires, his lifelong love of cars, and read a fan's hate letter.
01:12:47 5/1/2019
Actor and comedian Jon Lovitz (and his dog Jerry Bruckheimer III) joins Spike to talk about his origin story, his comedy career (and refusal to go into medicine), and his new "Little Diablo" doll that will drive the people you hate crazy!
00:48:28 4/24/2019
John Shope of Dirty Bird Concepts calls in to promote his new Facebook Watch show Flipping Dirty Bird, the automotive scene in Arizona and selling his builds on Facebook Marketplace.
00:55:49 4/17/2019
Actor Ed Begley Jr. joins Spike to talk about clean car technology, his new show "Bless This Mess", his long and storied career, and...riding his bike to the Oscars?
00:40:06 4/10/2019

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