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No jokes. Plastics and other chemicals are affecting men's penises at an alarming rate, yet we tend to focus on female hormones that are affected us rather than the men in our life. In this episode Cecelia and Nat chat with Professor Andrew Pask about how we can better protect the crown jewels!

The Wellness Collective (AUS)
00:32:05 3/7/2019

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And what have you seen? In this episode, Cecelia and Nat switch things up a little and bring together a discussion on recent events and findings they think are valuable to share. As mums, wives and women who multitask life, this episode will have you giggling, crying and hi-fiving yourself. They talk about life satisfaction, love, lust, procrastination as well as discuss how letting go of expectations may just be the best thing you've ever done.
00:30:26 5/23/2019
Betrayal comes in all shapes and sizes and often leaves us exhausted and tortured. Infidelity, parental betrayal, workplace differences, bullying not to mention within friendships and relationships. After her own experience with deep and hurtful betrayal, our guest, Debi Silber decided to dedicate her time and energy into research and recovery, to help us identify and move through the stages of betrayal and allow us all to live our best lives. We've all experienced hurt of this nature, it's having the tools to deal with it that counts most.
00:36:08 5/16/2019
Eating to fill a void was something Trisha Nelson found herself doing from a really young age, yet it wasn't until her 30's that she was introduced to the idea of emotional eating. Now Trisha educates hundreds of people how to identify if they are emotional eaters and how you can break free from food dictating your life. Join Nat, Cecelia and Trisha to hear great insight about our relationship with food.
00:30:57 5/9/2019
What is mother instinct, and do I actually have it? Cecelia and Nat invited Pinky McKay, 4 times best-selling author and renowned breastfeeding expert into the studio to discuss babies, breastfeeding, gut health and more. Join them in a discussion about options around feeding and how to really nurture your baby with mother's intuition.
00:40:36 5/2/2019
Cecelia asks some proper questions about Chinese Medicine and what does it really do. Rather than just take Nat's word for it, the girls invited Bryan Kent, doctor of Chinese Medicine onto the Wellness Collective to discuss acupuncture, if ancient medicine is relevant today and what can it best treat. Learn more about this ancient form of medicine as Nat and Bryan answer her questions.
00:31:07 4/25/2019
If you have a baby with a donor egg, who's baby is it technically? It's near impossible in Australia to have a baby via donor and many couples are finding themselves taking their fertility abroad in quest for their baby. Dr Miranda Myles has repeated this process several times over herself and is now empowering couples to do the same. She answers questions like, who's baby is it and unveils her own experience around donor conception.
00:34:03 4/18/2019
If you just knew that your best life was just 90 seconds away, we're pretty sure you'd do the necessary work to take it by the collar and own it. Dr Joan Rosenberg, the author of 90 Seconds To A Life You Love, joins The Wellness Collective for thought provoking conversation on how we can better get acquainted with our emotions to truly live the life we desire.
00:30:08 4/4/2019
Lara Briden knows a thing or two about women's health and teaches women not only how to repair their menstrual cycles but why your period is your monthly report card. In this episode Cecelia and Nat talk with Lara about why ovulation is so important for hormone balance, why the pill is causing havoc for so many women and discuss beyond the pill - peri menopause and beyond. She believes it's time to feel better about your period and love your cycle for what it is.
00:42:57 3/25/2019
SCAD's is four times more prevalent than breast cancer yet not many of us have a clue what it stands for let alone what it actually is. But we should. Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection is a real condition for many women. Cecelia and Nat chat with Jen O'Neil about women who are at a higher risk, how we have more awareness and how to act in case of an emergency. Her story may just save your life.
00:27:11 3/24/2019
Sometimes all we need is a good pep talk and Susan Hyatt is certainly the person who's going to help whip your life into shape. Cecelia and Nat dive in and asked Susan the raw and real questions on how women can really strip back the layers, see past body image, ditch the diet and live the life we all deserve and have fun whilst doing it! Susan shows us how we can have it 'all' with the right approach. Totally is an episode that will have you feeling happier, healthier and better.
00:32:44 3/14/2019

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