Jubal's Phone Taps

Jubal calls a guy who pays for a lawn service to take care of his yard. And Jubal has noticed something recently around the guy's house that he SHOULD be aware of... Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the lawn... but it has everything to do with his 19 year old daughter. Listen in the PHONE TAP.

Jubal's Phone Taps
00:05:35 7/3/2019

Past Episodes

Today, Jubal has a real eerie feeling that someone in his house is watching him... and he's pretty sure he knows who it is! So he calls a paranormal expert because he needs some real help, but for some reason this expert doesn't take Jubal seriously...
00:04:39 8/12/2019
In today's brand new Phone Tap, Jubal is SERIOUSLY worried for a bridal shop... only because his soon-to-be wife gets a touch angry about planning their wedding.... Jubal suggests taking serious precautions before his blushing bride arrives to the shop. Find out exactly what he says in the podcast below!
00:05:00 7/26/2019
Jubal calls up a young woman to ask her out for a drink... She thinks that he's just a friend of her co-worker. But of course, before they can actually get together, Jubal is Legally obligated to tell her something about his past. Listen in the PHONE TAP!
00:04:29 7/25/2019
Is it inappropriate to ask a girl about all her past romantic relationships during a job interview?... It is??? PERFECT! Listen to the PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: Florian SEROUSSI. Creative Commons)
00:03:39 7/17/2019
There's a dog poop problem in Jubal's neighborhood and it's time for him to take action... by PHONE TAPPING someone. Listen to the PODCAST. (Image Courtesy: Hood Ornaments. Creative Commons)
00:03:37 7/16/2019
Some people have ALREADY turned in their taxes for the year... What is WRONG with them!?? They're making the rest of us look bad! So Jubal tries to teach one of them a lesson, by PHONE TAPPING him. (Image Courtesy: 401(K) 2012. Creative Commons)
00:04:15 7/15/2019
Jubal calls a woman who was supposed to have a dresser delivered to her place... but apparently, there's been some confusion at the store. So Jubal is calling to clear everything up. Somehow, I think he makes it worse. Listen in the Phone Tap. (Image Courtesy: Jaume Escofet. Creative Commons)
00:05:15 7/12/2019

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