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Nintendo Online is Getting SNES Games!

News Quick PAX review, more coming when Cliff returns Gears 5 incoming! ....and Dave Bautista will be a playable character SEA OF THIEVES! Nintendo Direct Overwatch 10.15.19 SMASH - Banjo Kazooie available in Smash Bros... NOW! SMASH - Terry from Fatal Fury is next to the Fight.... SMASH - 4 of 5 announced but wait theres more! Divinity Original Sin 2 - Steam and Switch Cross Save DOOM 64 rerelease Pokemon Sword and Shield - Lots of Customization SNES GAMES INCOMING to Switch Online - 20 games launch tomorrow! And yes you can get the controller Tetris 99 2.0 tomorrow! GAMES, GAMES, GAMES Animal Crossing Questions DA VINSTER (Vinny): How does public perception come into effect in terms of Games and their reviews? I ask due primarily because of a soon to be released game Gears 5 and a critically acclaimed game Spider-Man. According to reviews (both IGN) Gears 5 actually received a higher review (by .1 but not the point) than Spider-Man did, yet for some reason, I hear very little excitement or hype for Gears, whereas for months I heard the best of things about Spider-Man. Why do you think this is? Are the differences between consumers of Sony and Xbox really all that different that some are more vocal than others? Sorry for the long question, but this was the only way I knew how to get my question across properly. angelgrl721985 (Megan): What games, if any, would you like to see ported over to consoles or PC next? itsEddie: Who is your personal favorite final boss ? JoeColeslaw: What video game sound byte would you give to everyday situations or emotions. . . Perhaps meme based. Surprised-mgs alert Pay day-mario WhaHoo Anger - Joy - Bad day - Driving incident - Let's get creative OptimistPrime: If you were in Mortal Kombat describe what your fatality would be? Cheap/Free Games EPIC STORE SEPTEMBER 5 - The End is Nigh and ABZU

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