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Nicolas Winding Refn Interview Too Old To Die Young

Nicolas Winding Refn Interview Too Old To Die Young Nicolas Winding Refn makes his streaming debut wth Too Old to Die Young, the new Amazon series that gives the filmmaker a 13-hour platform to weave another slick and cynical tapestry of the Los Angeles criminal underground. Miles Teller stars as an L.A. cop who starts moonlighting as a hired assassin. Too Old to Die Young is Refn to the bone, alight with his signature stylings and perverse narrative fascinations, and with the full series now streaming on Amazon, it was a hoot to welcome the filmmaker into the Collider studio for an in-depth chat about the project and his jump into streaming. During the wide-ranging chat, Refn discussed the challenges of executing a 10-month shoot and what he does when he goes "cuckoo" in the process, why he recruited comic legend Ed Brubaker to help him write the scripts, why he's so passionate about streaming and why it was the right medium for this project, why he considers Too Old to Die Young a "13-hour movie" rather than a TV series, why he values polarization in art, why he hasn't directed a studio film but still wants to do Batgirl, and a lot more. Watch what he had to say in the interview above and check out a full list of what we discussed below. More from Collider ? ? ??Breaking News: ??Movie News & Analysis: ??Collider Live: ??Video Games: ??Sports: ?????Pro Wrestling: Search "Collider" on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, PodcastOne, or wherever you get your podcasts for audio versions of your favorite shows plus original series covering movies, television, sports, gaming and more!

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