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New program office to manage DoD, VA health records, but details are scarce

The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs said they've finally settled on a joint management structure to make sure the electronic health record systems they're buying are interoperable. But some members of Congress said it's too little too late. As Federal News Network's Jared Serbu reported, they've advanced legislation designed to force more cooperation between the two departments. Hear more on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

Federal Drive with Tom Temin
00:07:22 6/13/2019

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The Defense Department and Office of Personnel Management at last have their ducks in row to move the massive security clearance program from one agency to the other. But the upcoming transfer isn't the only thing the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency is working on. The newly renamed agency is also developing a new end-to-end IT system. And it's preparing to implement a series of new policies that the Trump administration is slowly piloting. Federal News Network's Nicole Ogrysko joined the show with details.
00:09:11 7/21/2019
If you've got an idea for the next great invention, you're in good company. The Patent and Trademark Office has approved more than 10 million domestic patents in its more than 200-year history. And with new applications coming in every day, it can be hard for examiners to sort out new concepts from what's already been patented. Andrei Iancu is the director of UPSTO. He told Federal News Network's Jory Heckman how the agency is testing artificial intelligence and automation tools to sort through all this information.
00:17:10 7/21/2019
Mapping applications are great for most vehicles. But what if they send a 14-foot tall fire truck to a 13-foot bridge? That problem, the size and operational details of first responder vehicles, prompted the Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate to take action. It came up with a special app called Quick Route. For what it is and how it works, Kimberly Jones-Holt, Program Manager for First Responder and Detection Programs at S&T spoke with Federal Drive.
00:10:35 7/21/2019
Two big projects for the General Services Administration have moved along in recent weeks. The revamping of the venerable multiple award schedules contract and the congressionally-mandated e-commerce marketplace. Larry Allen of Allen Federal Business Partners has been watching closely and joined the show with updates.
00:09:50 7/21/2019
Much of government now sees the light at the end of the tunnel with the security clearance backlog. As of last week, it sits at 386,000. Virginia Senator Mark Warner is the vice chairman of the Intelligence Committee and the author of several provisions in this year's defense and intelligence authorization bills designed to modernize security clearance. He told Federal News Network's Nicole Ogrysko he's working with the Office of Personnel Management and the Pentagon to keep an eye on the upcoming clearance transfer.
00:08:56 7/18/2019
Few technologies of recent years have had quite the impact of electronic mapping and geospatial intelligence. Robert Cardillo has been at the center of it. He retired earlier this year as director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. He's still involved, though. He joined Federal Drive to share where he thinks the industry is going.
00:11:39 7/18/2019
It hasn't been a good week for federal employee unions. A federal appeals judge overturned a lower court ruling that nullified Trump administration executive orders on official time, collective bargaining and other workplace matters. That means for now, the orders are in effect. To explain what this all could mean, Federal Practice Group law firm founding partner Debra D'Agostino joined Federal Drive.
00:11:05 7/18/2019
Most people working in offices don't breathe in vapors from gasoline, dry cleaning fluid, degreasers, paints, glues or inks. But people who do are potentially exposed to neurotoxic fumes. The Environmental Protection Agency has spent many years developing rules for such exposure. The rules stem from the work of my next guest. William Boyes is an Environmental Health Scientist in EPA's Office of Research and Development and a finalist in this year's Service to America Medals program. He joined Federal Drive to discuss.
00:08:21 7/18/2019
A year ago, the Army founded its Futures Command, partly as a means to shift the way the service buys weapons. The Army is using the command to buy faster, bring in new ideas and generally streamline bureaucratic acquisition. The command will be fully operational at the end of the month, but that doesn't mean all the kinks are straightened out. Federal News Network's Scott Maucione has the details.
00:07:12 7/18/2019
The Taxpayer First Act which President Trump signed into law earlier this month included reforms to the IRS whistleblower program. Dean Zerbe is National Managing Director of the Alliantgroup and Senior Policy Analyst at the National Whistleblower Center, thinks they're an improvement ? he joined Federal Drive to explain why.
00:10:43 7/17/2019

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