Federal Newscast

New program lets young military truck drivers put skills to use in the private sector

In today's Federal Newscast, the Transportation Department is  letting a "limited number" of young veterans and military reservists who've obtained the military equivalent of a commercial drivers license operate commercial trucks on domestic highways.

Federal Newscast
00:03:33 7/5/2018

Past Episodes

In today's Federal Newscast, the Supreme Court rules in favor of a federal retiree, who says the state of West Virginia unfairly taxed his annuity income.
00:07:18 2/20/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the Office of Government Ethics lays out what kind of aid furloughed employees are allowed to receive during a government shutdown.
00:06:36 2/19/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the Agriculture Department's Inspector General finds the U.S. Forest Service is not quickly acting on sexual assault and harassment allegations.
00:06:00 2/18/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) is asking the Defense Department which military projects will lose funding due to President Trump diverting $3.5 billion from military construction accounts to build a wall on the southern border.
00:06:20 2/17/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, a new report from the agency's inspector general finds the Education Department lacks policies and procedures to ensure loan servicers act in compliance with federal law.
00:05:50 2/14/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the Congressional Budget Office takes a look at just how much it will cost for the Defense Department to go through with all of its plans for the near future.
00:00:00 2/13/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the agency in charge of union relationships, no longer has one with it's own employees union.
00:06:52 2/12/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, Representative Mark Takano (D-CA) is launching an official investigation into the influence of three members of President Trump's Mar-A-Lago golf club, on recent personnel and policy decisions at the Veterans Affairs Department.
00:06:03 2/11/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the Office of Personnel Management answers some lingering questions that popped up due to the recent partial government shutdown.
00:05:56 2/10/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, NASA announces it will be running a test flight of a crewed commercial space craft some time in July.
00:07:16 2/7/2019

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