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Nathan Phillips Continues to Smear the Covington Catholic Kids, Pelosi Cancels the State of the Union, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and More Michael Cohen Absurdity

The media continues to give Nathan Phillips an outlet to smear Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, Victor Davis Hanson discusses Pelosi cancelling the State of the Union, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stops by to update us on Venezuela, China and other news, and Joe DiGenova slams Michael Cohen for his absurd claims of being threatened.

The Laura Ingraham Podcast
01:25:00 1/24/2019

Past Episodes

After two years of intense scrutiny and investigation, the Mueller probe is finally finished and has been released to the public. Laura and Raymond are joined by Jay Sekulow, Byron York and Hans Von Spakovsky to examine its contents, and expose the media's meltdown.
01:00:00 4/18/2019
As the media continues to fawn over Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the crisis on the southern border grows worse. Pat Buchanan joins Laura to discuss this existential threat to Western civilization, the 2020 race, climate change, and much more. Plus, Laura takes your calls on what Congress should do to stop the immigration crisis.
01:15:00 4/17/2019
Laura recounts the terrible tragedy of the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral with Father Benedict Kiely. Bill Donohue also stops by to discuss this and the 2020 Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg. Plus, an inspirational story from veteran Micah Fink on what he's doing to helps vets overcome PTSD.
01:17:00 4/16/2019
The Democrats and media have a meltdown over Bill Barr's admission that there was spying on the Trump campaign. Governor Chris Christie joins to discuss this and more. Plus, Massachusetts Attorney General Andrew Lelling stops by to expose how China is infiltrating our schools, and Gordon Chang reveals the increasing persecution of Christians and others in China.
01:25:00 4/11/2019
The Democrats' campaign to intimidate conservatives continues, this time with separate Congressional hearings. Attorney General Bill Barr and Candace Owens demonstrate how to fight back when confronted by Democrat demonization. Plus, Dr. Wilfred Reilly, Professor at Kentucky State University and author of Hate Crime Hoax, stops by to share his thoughts, and reveals his experiences being silenced by social media companies.
01:30:00 4/10/2019
Laura exposes the fraud of economic migrants who are taking advantage of the broken US immigration system. Art Arthur joins to discuss how false credible fear claims are contributing to the surging border crisis. And U.S. Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto details firsthand accounts of the failed asylum process at the border and the demeaning treatment of border patrol agents by college students and American media outlets.
01:30:00 4/9/2019
2020 Democrat hopefuls make their way to Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network convention to promote their core message: identity politics. Laura and Raymond expose the truth behind the identity politics scam. Plus, Brian Solis, author of Life Scale: How To Live A More Creative, Productive, And Happy Life, reveals the importance of putting down your smart phone and turning off social media.
01:30:00 4/4/2019
Do we still have free speech in America? Ben Shapiro joins Laura in an exclusive interview to discuss this and more. Plus, Laura takes your calls on whether it is time to retire Trump's campaign slogan, Make America Great Again, and replace it with Keep America Great.
01:31:44 4/3/2019
Laura talks about the benefit of slowing down in your life and the power of human redemption. Joined by former gang member turned author and motivator Casey Diaz, listen as he talks about his redemption from convicted murderer to leading a life in Christ. And the creators of the film Unplanned- Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman join Laura to discuss the redemption of Abby Johnson a Planned Parenthood worker and how this film has defied critics and changed so many lives around the world.
01:35:00 4/2/2019
From the UK to America, sovereignty is under assault by the open-borders Left. Pat Buchanan and Nigel Farage join Laura to discuss the ramifications of the globalists' agenda, and what we need to do to preserve national sovereignty.
01:00:00 3/28/2019

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