Uncut with Jay Cutler

Nate Bargatze and Jay joke about being sad Vandy fans, Jay's accidental recruitment, stand-up comedy and on-field emotions on Uncut with Jay Cutler

Jay and comedian Nate Bargatze joke about the people they ignore, how they both do everything they can to avoid confrontation, and just how exactly Nate managed to grow up a Vanderbilt fan. Plus Jay shares the story about how he was mistakenly recruited by Vanderbilt and ended up going there anyway because his dad told him to go. Nate also talks about how exactly he broke into the comedy circuit, h ow he managed to land a partnership with Netflix, and the crazy reason Comedy Central aired his first stand-up special against the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight! Jay also talks about his emotions on the football field, and how they would often be misinterpreted by the media and he grew sick of it. Jay is new to Twitter so get in the mix by following @JayHasTweets and use #Uncut for your shot to get a question on the show! And play along with Jay on Sleeper here: https://go.slpr.link/Cutler

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