The Lyons Den with Ben Lyons

Ben and longtime friend, actress Natalie Martinez talk about her Florida upbringing and how her career got started, as well as her new film "Down" as part of the "Into the Dark" series on Hulu. Then sneaker aficionado Jacques Slade joins to talk about kicks and hoop! Plus, Ben gives some of his Oscar predictions.

The Lyons Den with Ben Lyons
00:56:36 2/19/2019

Past Episodes

Friend of the Lyons Den Billy Brimblecom joins Ben to talk about his journey as a cancer survivor and amputee that led to founding the non-profit "Steps of Faith." Learn the importance of community as a human need, their fundraising concert "Thundergong", and how their organization is helping people get access to prosthesis they couldn't otherwise pay for.
00:29:28 7/16/2019
Writer and Producer James Vanderbilt joins Ben in the Lyons Den to talk about his new film, "Murder Mystery", his first paid writing gig, writing "The Rundown", wrestling, and running into Sgt. the Orthodontist!?
00:24:07 7/9/2019
49ers safety, Exum himself joins Ben to talk about his new music and upcoming single "Officer Kaepernick", the music that's impacted and influenced him, his Virginia Tech background, and his current football career.
00:42:25 7/2/2019
Actor Mark O'Brien joins Ben in the Lyons Den to talk about his work on the new show "City on a Hill", working with Kevin Bacon, his Boston accent, his work in films like "Arrival", and even a little puck!
00:35:35 6/25/2019
Actor Greg Kinnear joins Ben to chat about his two new films, "Brian Banks" and "Phil". He talks about working with director Tom Shadyac, using your talent as an actor to shine a light on important issues, the journey of becoming someone else, and the importance of Sundance.
00:30:00 6/18/2019
Actress Jessie Buckley is hanging with Ben talking about her new film, "Wild Rose." Plus, how the idea for the film came about, working on the new series "Chernobyl", feeling a little out of place in Hollywood, taking the film to Toronto, and what's coming up!
00:29:08 6/11/2019
Director Grant Sputore talks to Ben about his new film, "I Am Mother, the process of getting his first feature made, working with Hillary Swank, getting the script on the blacklist, and his plans for the future now that a film like this has been made. Then he chats with Jaime Maggio about her sports broadcasting career, how she found a unique job, how she keeps work from getting dull, and how to stay on top of your on-camera game.
00:49:35 6/4/2019
Friend and Director of Entertainment Marketing for the TAO Group, Deb Fass enters the Lyons den to talk with Ben about the ups and downs of the world of nightlife. Plus, hear some of her big celeb encounters!
00:52:48 5/21/2019
Actor David Dastmalchian joins Ben to talk about his new film, "All Creatures Here Below," and the process of both writing the script and starring in it. Plus, working alongside Karen Gillan, the growing recognition he's starting to see, and his unorthodox work history before breaking out as an actor.
00:32:49 5/14/2019
Documentarian Dexton Deboree sits down with Ben to talk about his new documentary, "Unbanned: The Legend of the AJ1" and how the Air Jordan completely changed the sneakers game. More than it is a story about an athlete or a sports, it's the story of a shoe that became its own celebrity. Then, comedian Adam Ray joins to talk about his new comedy album, "Read the Room", the NBA, and their media friendship!
00:49:53 5/7/2019

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