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NBA Trade Deadline W/ Ryen Russillo And SB 52 Champ Lane Johnson

The Cavs have traded everyone and somehow got better? Did Lebron get rid of D-Wade because he's jealous that he gets his ass eaten?(2:10-8:06) Philly has a parade for their Eagles and Jason Kelce won the day (8:06-10:34). Ryen Russillo joins the show to break down how the Cavs got better, the Lakers making smart decisions, and how sad it is for Isaiah Thomas now(11:52-31:00). Super Bowl 52 Champion Lane Johnson joins the show to talk about his crazy rise to being one of the best O-Lineman in the NFL, the TB12 Method vs the Lane Johnson Method, what is was like winning the Super Bowl, and Doug Pederson's big balls(33:01-1:02:01). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers for Adam Schefter, (1:03:01-1:04:04) Olympic Update we actually know nothing about these Olympics(1:08:05-1:10:50), the debut of "Take Quake", (1:10:51-1:14:08) Trouble in Paradise for Kobe and Shaq, (1:08:09-1:15:32) and a bonus guys on chicks (1:15:33-1:22:10). 

01:24:04 2/8/2018

Past Episodes

You are now listening to a podcast that owns a website,, the one stop shop for all your Josh Allen news. Brain Dump Friday where we talk about drunk ideas we've had in the past week (2:10-14:26). A recap of crashing Rick Pitino's press conference on Wednesday plus Matt Jones from Kentucky Sports Radio calls in to talk about the banner coming down and how Kentucky will do in the tourney (15:51-35:52). Mr Portnoy calls in with a fresh batch of complaints, including the brightness of his phone, twitter impersonators, and Big Cat "accidentally" reveals Mr Portnoy's passwords (35:56-1:00:27). Segments include Olympic Update (1:03:35-1:08:17), Sabermetrics (1:08:18-1:10:10), E-Sports update with Darren Rovell (1:10:11-1:11:30), and Mike Greenberg's dumb rules (1:11:31-1:15:55). 
01:19:51 2/22/2018
Louisville is vacating titles and we're not making any of the jokes you think we're going to make. Olympics are still going on (2:10-8:40). Hot Seat/Cool Throne with a deep dive on Steven Seagal becoming a cryptocurrency ambassador and how Golf is now problematic (8:41-22:34). Jaguars QB Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about the Jags playoff run, what Tom Brady said to him after the AFC Championship game, Wikipedia Club for Leap Days, and a crazy fan that showed up to his house (23:45-41:22). Paul Bissonnette joins the show to talk NHL, bash basketball, and explain the time the Penguins made him change his jersey number because Sidney Crosby's parents kept getting confused (42:15-1:04:16). Segments include Josh Allen Update (1:07:02-1:10:06), he's tall and can throw it far, Sabermetrics for Lebron vs MJ(1:10:07-1:14:32), Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor and Guys on Chicks (1:14:33-1:21:28). 
01:22:13 2/20/2018
We started a Nascar drug scandal and NBA All Star Weekend bored us (2:10-7:13). Who's Back of the Week featuring penetration, Tiger Woods, and Tebow (7:14-13:53). Coach Tom Crean joins the show to talk about the wild weekend in College Basketball, how to properly prepare a team for a conference road game, what happens when the refs aren't calling fouls for your team, and which team he likes as his dark horse this March (16:17-45:26). Rapoport calls in to talk about his firing from Barstool (45:30-50:03). Segments include Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules NBA playoff seeding (52:27-54:35), Respect the Biz for ESPN deleting an article because of advertisers,(54:36-56:45) Olympic Update (they're still going on), and the debut of "Top of the Charts" where we look at the podcasts above us in the rankings and try to figure out what they're doing to beat us (56:46-1:02:55).
01:05:51 2/18/2018
Brain Dump Friday. NBA All Star Weekend and we get a little weird with the start of the show. Josh Allen update, still tall. We're going to try to create the world's worst app, Jes-Its the Cheez-Its for Church (don't worry it will make sense, maybe), and set an ambitious goal to either get everyone to start watching a fake Netflix show or the Tommy Lee Pam Anderson Sex Tape (2:10-18:06). Nascar Driver and former Daytona 500 Champion Denny Hamlin joins the show to explain to us how race car driving is a real sport, how many guys illegally use adderall, what happens when you want to fight a guy, and how lame Joey Logano is (19:46-45:40). Segments include Tampering, where everyone tampers with Kirk  Cousins including us (48:01-51:13). Take Quake for Mike Francesca saying Jason Kelce should be cut for swearing, (51:14-54:12) Stay Woke on Bill Walton accidentally leaking WatchESPN's Big Brother conspiracy,(54:12-58:43) and Jimbos with Super Bowl Champion Lane Johnson as well as a discussion about his viral Patriots comments (58:51-1:11:48). 
01:13:57 2/15/2018
Valentines Day is here and we're doing a bonus Mt Rushmore of things we love about sports (2:10-13:20). Olympic Update (13:21-16:09). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Esteban Loaiza, CD's, and Papa John (16:10-25:30). Rachel Nichols joins the show to talk about the new look Cavs, who can win the West, Isaiah Thomas, and the wine problem in the NBA (27:29-1:00:13). Segments include Just Chill Out Man for RGIII having cyber sex in his instagram comments (1:01:55-1:05:00). Kickers Psychology Couch for Markelle Fultz, and not to brag but we called it everyone is addicted to the Vino (1:05:01-1:09:17). Special Guys on Chicks with SI Swimsuit models Paige Spiranic and Chase Carter to finish off the show (1:09:18-1:19:48). 
01:22:02 2/13/2018
Sammy Sosa is now a Cowboy and we just survived our first weekend without Football (2:15-7:15). Yu Darvish signs with the Cubs and we workshop T-Shirt ideas (7:16-13:10). Who's Back of the Week including an Olympic Update because Kim Jung Un's sister is hot (13:11-22:41). Former Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel joins the show to talk about his college career, what went wrong in the NFL, what he learned about his failures, and what he's doing to get back to playing football (24:05-1:05:09). Segments include Respect the Biz Ron Borges writing fake news about Tom Brady (1:07:04-1:10:28), Sabermetrics the Cavs now have 4 robins to Lebron's Batman (1:10:29-1:12:10), the debut of "Soggy Sorrows" where we douse someone in water and talk about their team losing (1:14:32-1:17:06). Kings Stay Kings Skip Bayless debating his wife about Lebron (1:17:07-1:19:55) and Trouble in Paradise Sex In The City girls all hate each other (1:19:56-1:21:44). 
01:23:02 2/11/2018
Time travel episode. We finished taping at 7 pm and all hell broke loose in the sports world so we went back to the office at midnight to wrap up all the story lines (2:10-18:25). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Elon Musk rockets and Mike Tice retiring because no one will listen to him anymore (18:26-30:09). NBA Writer Zach Harper (@TalkHoops) joins the show to catch us up on the 2017-18 season and which teams are frauds (31:30-55:31). Coach Charlie Weis joins us to talk about his football career, Belichick, and the famous parrot in his house(56:51-1:12:00). Segment Shark Tank where we figure out new segments. "Piss and Tell", "6 Degrees of blaming Robert Griffin", "Take Quakes", "Genes Friday", "Soggy Sorrows", "You Triggered Bro", and "E-Sports Update with Darren Rovell" featuring Darren Rovell . We end the show with bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor.  BONUS INTRO BEFORE ALL THE NEWS BROKE What does it mean for the world now that it has set in that the Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. We wrap up some lingering SB 52 story lines including poop eating fans, should we be a Free Meek Mill podcast, and Gronk's house getting robbed (1:30:33-1:38:36).
01:38:36 2/6/2018
The Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl and we're here to recap it all. Doug Pederson calling the game of his life. Nick Foles becoming Elite out of nowhere. Gronk almost winning it for the Patriots. Malcom Butler getting benched before the game (2:10-19:45). Who's Back of the Week (19:45-26:44). Pro Bowl Tight End Greg Olsen joins the show to talk about Cam Newton's Heiroglyphics, the U, how much longer his career will last, and a bonus Mt Rushmore of things you do when Football season is over (28:40-1:03:37). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for Aaron Rodgers(1:06:05-1:07:47), Kings stay Kings for Dan Snyder (1:07:48-1:11:48), Thoughts and Prayers to Kevin Hart (1:11:49-1:13:20), Respect the Biz for everyone being cold in Minnesota(1:13:21-1:15:14), and the debut of Rate that Reilly Tweet special Super Bowl Edition (1:15:15-1:18:40). 
01:19:39 2/4/2018
Super Bowl 52 is almost here and we give our official preview and prediction plus our made up pro bets (2:05-15:28). Recap of the "Two Bills" 30 for 30 aka Football Guy Porn (15:29-21:37). Cleveland Browns Left Guard and 10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas joins the show to talk about his career, what it's like playing for teams that haven't had a ton of success, his podcasting, and life in the NFL for linemen (23:12-44:50). 5X Luke Kuechly joins the show to talk about Football, Cam Newton's weird instagram posts, concussions, and skyline chili (46:42-1:03:16). Segments include hmmm for Cam Lebron to the Warriors (1:05:07-1:08:06), Dad to Dad for Tom Brady mouth kissing his son (1:08:08-1:10:27), Just chill out man for Demaurice Smith (1:10:28-1:11:24), That's enough internet for today (1:1:25-1:12:55), and the return of Jimbos (1:12:56-1:17:32). 
01:19:48 2/1/2018
We are live from Vandy Moss in Minneapolis. Alex Smith has been traded and the NFL has lost its mind. Super Bowl storyline update and Bill Belichick stole everyone's breath with his plane fedora. Blake Griffin is going to Detroit and DeAndre Jordan may be being stalked by Steve Ballmer. (2:02-13:10) Hot Seat/Cool Throne included Russia and male breast reduction (13:12-20:45). Washington Redskins QB Alex Smith joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, silencing the haters, what it was like being on a SB team he wasn't starting for, the burden of the Number 1 pick, and what Andy Reid smells like (22:45-55:19). Patriots Radio analyst and former QB Scott Zolak joins the show to talk about being a Bill Belichick whisperer, his twitter game, and how he made a song famous at Patriots games (56:20-1:12:46). Segments include Hurt or Injured for Kevin Love (1:15:!2-1:16:50), Sabermetrics for Brett Favre's pregame speech for the Eagles (1:16:52-1:17:56) and As a white guy the Indians are changing their logo (1:17:57-1:19:21).
01:23:03 1/30/2018

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