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More Trends That Are Shaping Marketing in 2019 & Beyond (ep84)

Part 2 of our conversation with Kenneth "Shark" Kinney. Part 1 was episode 83, so go back and listen to the first half and come back to this one. Keeping up with trends in digital marketing can be a full-time job because everything changes so quickly. Then implementing strategies and tactics for your business based on what's new is a whole different beast. Luckily there are people like Shark out there to help us stay on top of trends and look toward the future with our marketing. Kenneth "Shark" Kinney is creative marketer, podcaster, speaker, consultant and growth executive. In this episode we chat with Shark about where things like blockchain, AR, VR, email marketing and more are at right now and where they are going this year. Our conversation with Shark was full of great insight and things to chew on.

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