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More Trends That Are Shaping Marketing in 2019 & Beyond (ep84)

Part 2 of our conversation with Kenneth "Shark" Kinney. Part 1 was episode 83, so go back and listen to the first half and come back to this one. Keeping up with trends in digital marketing can be a full-time job because everything changes so quickly. Then implementing strategies and tactics for your business based on what's new is a whole different beast. Luckily there are people like Shark out there to help us stay on top of trends and look toward the future with our marketing. Kenneth "Shark" Kinney is creative marketer, podcaster, speaker, consultant and growth executive. In this episode we chat with Shark about where things like blockchain, AR, VR, email marketing and more are at right now and where they are going this year. Our conversation with Shark was full of great insight and things to chew on.

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00:33:09 5/7/2019

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Kemps is a big name in dairy in the midwest, and they are always coming out with new products and finding the best ways to communicate with their customers. In this episode we talk to Addie Dunker, who runs all social media channels for Kemps, about what it's like to market in the food industry.
00:28:18 8/20/2019
On this episode our guest host Adriana sat down with makers from the Great Lakes to the Great Plains at the recent MNBloggerBash event hosted at Rose & Loon. We wanted to know how these makers got their start and how they transitioned from side hustle to full on career, how do they advertise with small budgets, and what advice they'd give to someone wanting to make the leap to pursuing their passion projects.
00:39:32 7/16/2019
Pet photos and videos are arguably the cutest content on social media. But what happens when there's an emergency situation with a pet family member? Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota has been around for over 40 years for those situations. They care for a wide variety of animals and offer many specialists and therapies. In this episode we chat with Heidi, the Chief Marketing Officer from Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota about their online presence. She talks about how they balance education, awareness, cute animals, and everything that comes with emergency pet care both in person and online.
00:38:07 7/9/2019
At our latest Hubbard Digital Academy we sat down with several business owners and marketers to chat about what they do to market their businesses on social media and other digital platforms. From brand new products to home inspectors to government to clothing and fabrics, we really enjoyed hearing what people are marketing and how different platforms are performing.
01:01:00 7/2/2019
Return-on-investment. You want to show it. Your clients want to see it. Your boss is asking you for it. How do you show what's working and what's not? In this panel, we meet with the marketing teams from the Minnesota Vikings, Mall of America, Anytime Fitness & Land O'Lakes to tell how they track results and how to best display/share them with your team.
00:48:45 6/18/2019
It seems like a new article or story comes out every week about how the shopping mall is dying. While that may be true for some malls, Mall of America is a thriving shopping mall. They succeed by making the mall a destination and an experience with over 500 retailers, an amusement park, and 50 restaurants. The marketing team at Mall of America is 40 people taking advantage of social media and digital marketing as well as radio and TV advertising. In this episode we talk to Sara Johnson from Mall of America about what they do to build such a unique and special experience, what it takes to manage so many partners, and what happens when there is a PR crisis.
00:33:42 6/11/2019
Life is not all about work. We all have hobbies and passions outside of our 9-5. What happens when you want to take that side hustle to the next level and start marketing and promoting it? In this episode we sit down with several members of the Hubbard Interactive team about their projects outside of work and what they do to grow them.
00:54:14 6/4/2019
Social Media Week on NYC was huge with lots of big name speakers and sessions dedicated to all facets of social media. Jayna Wilcox from the Hubbard Interactive team attended and had a blast. She got to hear from Seth Godin, Hope Cowan - Director of Creative at Facebook, Nina Mishkin - Content Strategy Lead at Twitter, Raashi Rosenberger - Branding Marketer at Google, and so much more. We chatted with her about the experience and what she learned to find out what we should be focusing on with social media marketing in 2019.
00:38:58 5/21/2019
When teen sisters Isabel and Caroline Bercaw (ages 18 and 17) started making bath bombs in their basement a few years ago, little did they know their hobby would turn into a booming business. We sat down with them to talk about how they got started and what they've done to grow and succeed as entrepreneurs.
00:32:44 5/14/2019
A brand focused on empowering women to create, collaborate and cultivate a career, members of the team attended the Create & Cultivate conference in New York City in early May. The event featured panels with social media influencers, business founders, venture capitalists, plus a killer keynote from Martha Stewart. Rebecca, Missy and Tory packed up and headed to Brooklyn to network, gain insights and more importantly, inspiration from female entrepreneurs. In this episode they talk about their takeaways and some of the most fascinating parts of the trip.
00:41:08 5/8/2019

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