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Death Taxes Spurs Win AGAIN. James Harden plays drunk and Warwick!!!

00:28:30 5/12/2017

Past Episodes

Live from Louisiana...major announcement on what's coming up!
00:12:10 10/14/2017
Dwyane Wade crying over LeBron's SnapChat...Really. Nothing better to do than whine.
00:15:46 10/11/2017
NFL Season is in full swing! People are playing hard, getting dirty and getting hurt. Listen!
00:20:52 10/9/2017
Patriots are meeh this year. Tray Flowers is ahead in the seems. Listen up.
00:12:27 10/6/2017
The Eagles Fans are rebelling. I have some words for Ben Roethlisberger.
00:19:52 10/4/2017
Double trouble today. I had lot's to tell you...Brandon Weeden gets chosen over Colin Kaepernick ...ARE YOU KIDDING!
00:22:02 10/4/2017
Mini episode before Monday Night Football. Who's career is in the shitter because he's ona team the color of shit!
00:09:42 10/2/2017
NBA voted on a lottery! OKC Thunder voted against it....I call BS on their part.
00:23:13 9/29/2017
Just because I like you doesn't mean I respect you. Louiville makes a change...Lou Bettino's out!
00:15:59 9/28/2017
Yes I said it. We are in trouble as a country people. Mike Tomlin is amazing...we must pause.
00:18:30 9/26/2017

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