Pardon My Take

Michael Phelps raced a shark and we all got duped (2:17 - 4:41). Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland and the Jordan Spieth filibustered the British Open (4:41 - 11:15). Who's Back of the Week (11:15 - 16:03). Mt Rushmore of things to do at a wedding (16:03 - 23:40). Former Heavyweight Champion and baddest man in the world Mike Tyson joins the show to talk about his new podcast, his pet tiger, biting Holyfield's ear, and Mayweather/McGregor (25:06 - 47:37. Segments include Hurt or Injured for Clayton Kershaw, Talking Soccer/Cycling/Thrones. Trouble in Paradise for the Seahawks locker room, again. Hank hot in the street the dancing snap chat hot dog and the debut of the newest segment, Fun Facts with Billy Football.

Pardon My Take
00:55:33 7/23/2017

Past Episodes

NFL Week 15 Recap and fastest 2 minutes (2:29 - 7:48). The Bears clinched the North, the Browns are somehow still alive, Collinsworth went goofy on us, and Romo had an orgasm (7:48 - 16:12). We clean up the playoff picture and predict who will be making that good noise in the playoffs (16:12 - 30:04). Who's back of the week (30:04 - 41:18). UFC President Dana White joins the show to talk about his feud with Oscar De La Hoya, the evolution of UFC and pro fighting, how he is the greatest actor of all time every time he acts disappointed in McGregor, and the weird days of affliction shirts and true religion jeans (41:18 - 71:09). Segments include Lowmans trophy finalists for the best FB in the country, new segment "What the fuck is Mike Tomlin saying?", PR 101 for Marlins Man and the Black Sox scandal, Pinstripe Update, Hank hot in the streets, and Mondays Readings "Lenny Dykstra is now a torah scholar". 
01:40:15 12/16/2018
Phil Rivers did the damn thing and the Chargers are officially dangerous (2:27 - 9:50). Week 15 NFL preview, loser leaves town, are we sure they're good and game of the week and gambling picks (9:50 - 26:01). Fantasy Fuccbois (26:01 - 34:36). Legendary pro skater Tony Hawk joins the show to talk about his new video game, what it was like growing up in California as a skater, his favorite moments from his career, filming with the Jackass crew and much more (34:36 - 62:04). Segments include Kings stay Kings for Nick Saban, PR 101 Patrick Reed, Just chill out man for Ed Hochuli, Hank hot in the streets Kanye and a Grab Bag. 
01:23:48 12/13/2018
Monday Night Football recap and playoff scenarios before Week 15. (3:10-13:20) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Gen Z is getting called out for making a bad name for millenials. (13:21-26:57) Shark Tank's Daymond John joins the show to talk about his business career, what being on Shark Tank is like, and Big Cat/PFT pitch him a bunch of ideas and offer their brains to be purchased. (29:24-57:38) Segments include Embrace Debate,(59:47-1:03:28) Not to brag but we called it Big Ben,(1:03:29-1:04:41)) Stay Woke Steph Curry,(1:04:42-1:08:52) and Guys on Chicks (1:08:53-1:17:21). 
01:20:17 12/11/2018
Week 14 fastest 2 minutes (2:41 - 8:05). A wild sunday in the NFL with the Miami Miracle, 6 last place teams winning outright, the Steelers falling apart, the Bears dominating the Rams, and Patrick Mahomes is an absolute Wizard (8:05 - 12:02). The Cowboys have the NFC East on lock but is that a good thing knowing Dak and Jason Garrett will get extensions? (12:02 - 27:43) Kyler Murray wins the Heisman and Whos back of the Week (27:43 - 50:09). Blake Bortles joins the show and talks about this season with the Jaguars, how he found out they were probably going to cut him, and we reconvene the Wikipedia Club with topics Poison Dart Frogs and Sports Comebacks (50:09 - 72:24). Segments include Sabermetrics, Seeing Red, Way to stay relevant Baseball, and a Monday Reading about a married woman inviting her boyfriend into their home with her husband's permission.
01:37:38 12/9/2018
Blake Bortles won Thursday Night Football (by being nominated for Walter Payton man of the year).(2:25-5:50) Week 14 preview and picks + is Joe Flacco done or finished and Aaron Rodgers upcoming fuck you tour. (5:51-22:31) Fanatasy Fuccbois. (22:32-25:21) Titans Coach Mike Vrabel joins the show to accept football guy of the week, answer some conspiracy questions, and make fun of us for not being football guys. (30:55-39:06) Former MMA fighter and now Comedian Brendan Schaub joins us in studio to talk about the wild transition from college football to mma to comedy and why we could probably kick his ass. (41:02-1:07:31) Segments include Lebron Blames,(1:09:36-1:11:44) nitpicking Zion (1:11:45-1:14:24) Spotify shaming where we read out loud our top songs of 2018 (1:14:25-1:17:56) and Hanks Grab Bag (1:17:57-1:28:01)
01:29:05 12/6/2018
We take a moment to celebrate our #1 sports ranking in 2018 and thank all those that listen (2:35 - 6:07). Urban Meyer has retired, again. Mark Sanchez is back and the Redskins are done (6:07 - 16:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:28 - 29:39). World Series Champion and 3X MVP ARod joins the show to talk about his new podcast with Big Cat (The Corp, subscribe now), his entire career from Seattle to present day, the highs, the lows, regrets, and everything in between (29:39 - 92:21). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules fixing the punt, Hurt or Injured Markelle Fultz, and Guys on Chicks. 
01:51:19 12/4/2018
NFL Week 13 fastest 2 minutes. (2:20-8:57) Mike McCarthy fired and we broke the news, not to brag. Recapping NFL Sunday, the Chargers big win, AFC WC cluster fuck, Done Chain, Texans are still winning, Chase Daniel is Chase Daniel, and the Patriots are doing that Patriots thing they do every year. (8:58-28:04) College Football Playoff and Jalen Hurts redemption. (28:49-36:33) Who's back of the week. (36:34-45:06) Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Mike McCarthy, Kareem Hunt situation, which coaches are potentially on the hot seat, will NFL teams look more to College, and a conspiracy theory on how TMZ got the Kareem Hunt tape. (48:32-1:15:16) Segments include Football guy of the week,(1:17:24-1:21:40) Ehhhh for Brett Favre, (1:21:41-1:24:53) Mansplaining Kareem Hunt, (1:24:54-1:30:22) Kings Stay Kings Phil Rivers, (1:30:33-1:32:37) and Spinzone for Urban Meyer's Spinzone (1:32:38-1:34:20). 
01:36:23 12/2/2018
The Cowboys have created the blueprint on how to beat the Saints. Skip Bayless is on fire. (2:26-12:08) Week 13 NFL preview and picks and we're excited for maybe the last Big Ben vs Phil Rivers game of our lifetime. (12:09-23:03) Fantasy Fuccbois. Matt Leinart joins the show to talk about the College Football Playoff, who wins the Heisman, fixing USC, and a story about the famous Bush Push win against Notre Dame. (29:27-1:03:29) Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach Kirk Ferentz joins the show to accept Football Guy of the Week, go off on chop blocking, and give us the urban dictionary meaning of Football Guy. (1:06:26-1:18:55) Ehhhh for DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather being charged with fraud for cryptocurrency,(1:24:13-1:27:08) Just Chill Out Man Rovell,(1:27:09-1:33:25) Perspective for the Redskins, (1:33:26-1:35:45) and an update on our Lowman Trophy, (the trophy awarded to the best Fullback in the Country.)(1:35:46-1:40:52) 
01:44:13 11/29/2018
The Texans won't stop winning but Big Cat insists he's still not worried that he may have to cut off the tip of his pinky.(3:01-8:08) Blake Bortles was benched and we're not giving Cody Kessler a fair shot. (8:09-13:19) The Redskins sign Rubeun Foster. (13:20-17:53) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (17:54-33:14) QB Matt Flynn joins the show to talk about the famous Matt Flynn Game, what it was like playing with Aaron Rodgers and for Mike McCarthy, winning a National Championship with LSU, and backing up Brady, Rodgers, Russ Wilson, and Drew Brees. (36:30-1:11:57) Segments include someone's fucking with Adam Schefter, (1:13:36-1:16:05) PR 101 Reggie Bush, (1:16:06-1:18:04) the debut of a new segment called "Click for more", (1:18:05-1:25:08) well that makes sense, (1:25:09-1:26:39) and guys on chicks (1:26:40-1:30:13). 
01:34:07 11/27/2018
NFL Week 12 fastest 2 minutes (2:28 - 8:12). Breaking down all the Football we watched the last 5 games. The Browns are in the hunt, Big Ben had a classic Big Ben game, Hue Jackson remains a doofus, the NFC East is heating up and Chase Daniel is the perfect backup QB (8:12 - 24:19). Done Chain update and is Jim Harbaugh on the hot seat (24:19 - 36:59). Whos back of the week (36:59 - 54:15). Sean Salisbury joins the show to talk about the Texans, Baker Mayfield being a grown ass man, what's wrong with USC, and who we has making the CFB playoffs (54:15 - 90:11). Segments include Football Guy of the Week, Stay Woke the Dwight Howard thing doesn't make sense, Humans vs the Sun, Lowman Trophy update, and Embrace Debate. 
01:45:11 11/25/2018

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