Pardon My Take

Michael Phelps raced a shark and we all got duped (2:17 - 4:41). Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland and the Jordan Spieth filibustered the British Open (4:41 - 11:15). Who's Back of the Week (11:15 - 16:03). Mt Rushmore of things to do at a wedding (16:03 - 23:40). Former Heavyweight Champion and baddest man in the world Mike Tyson joins the show to talk about his new podcast, his pet tiger, biting Holyfield's ear, and Mayweather/McGregor (25:06 - 47:37. Segments include Hurt or Injured for Clayton Kershaw, Talking Soccer/Cycling/Thrones. Trouble in Paradise for the Seahawks locker room, again. Hank hot in the street the dancing snap chat hot dog and the debut of the newest segment, Fun Facts with Billy Football.

Pardon My Take
00:55:33 7/23/2017

Past Episodes

Manny Machado is the first domino to fall (there's only 2 dominos) (2:27 - 8:17). Antonio Brown has convinced the world that he's a free agent (8:17 - 12:39). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Ethan Happ's incredible streak and John Wayne is cancelled (12:39 - 29:00). 2X Daytona 500 Champion Denny Hamlin joins the show to talk about Sunday's victory, big crashes, and calls Michael Jordan the GOAT (29:00 - 55:37). Segments include bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, thoughts and prayers to AAF, just stop tweeting Kirk Cousins, drunk/high idea, and guys on chicks. 
01:20:20 2/19/2019
BA All Star Game recap, Kyrie and KD are best friends, and Anthony Davis is going to do something very nice for the city of New Orleans when he's traded (2:27 - 14:00). Defining the terms of the Hank has to adopt a Cat bet (14:00 - 21:11). Who's back of the week including Denny Hamlin and Johnny Cueto's dead horse (21:11 - 28:27). Rich Eisen joins the show to talk about his career, what the early days of ESPN were like, being the face of the NFL Network, why he's totally not mad about Ohio State beating Michigan every year, Game of the Thrones, and other random questions we decided to ask him (28:27 - 80:35). Segments include an Antonio Brown free agency update, the Bryce is Right, who won the trade Colin Kaepernick, shoe roast for Kawhi Leonard, and our review of the most fucked up Documentary you'll ever watch, "Abducted In Plain Sight"
01:48:22 2/17/2019
John Elway has been cancelled. He keeps getting average to below average QB's and Joe Flacco is the next in line (2:27 - 15:30). NBA All Star Weekend (15:30 - 20:22). PFT tries to take away Hank's Duke fandom and now Hank might have to buy a Cat (20:22 - 30:41). 2X Super Bowl Champion Kyle Van Noy joins the show and talks about the Super Bowl Gameplan, what the transition from Detroit to New England was like, soaking, and Ernie Adams the silent genius (30:41 - 58:20). Segments include PR 101 for the Dog Show controversy, Antonio Brown needs to go somewhere, trouble in paradise Roger Goodell, just stop tweeting Kirk Cousins and some behind the scenes FAQ 
01:23:18 2/14/2019
We went to the Westminster Dog Show and didn't get kicked out this time (2:27 - 8:04). Kyler Murray is playing Football (8:04 - 15:39). Hot Seat Cool Throne including bugs and Matthew Stafford some day being in the Hall of Fame (15:39 - 30:10). Dog Show Judge Rick Weyrich joins the show to talk about dog shows, what the perfect dog looks like, how Westminster works, and bonus he judges Leroy and Stella (30:10 - 65:05). TV Host and Superstar Howie Mandel joins the show to talk about his career and how disgusted he is with our germs/peeing into sinks (65:05 - 80:47). Segments include bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor, stay woke, trouble in paradise Papa John is a Uk fan now, as a white guy esquire profiles a white kid, and guys on chicks. 
01:41:11 2/12/2019
Football is back! Sort of. Recapping the new AAF league, what's good, what's bad, and what we hope changes (2:27 - 13:22). Who's back of the week including non spoiler talk of "Abducted In Plain Sight" the most fucked up documentary ever (13:22 - 27:42). Houston Texans JJ Watt joins the show and talks about the 2018 Texans, being uninjured for the first time in a long time, regrets on his past social media life, commencement speech at UW-Madison, and how we're kind of friends now (27:42 - 78:20). Segments include trouble in paradise for the Boston Celtics, Hmmm for Dabo Swinney, Respect The Biz Bob Costas, and Drunk Idea 
01:33:38 2/10/2019
The Lakers are AWKWARD. Recapping all the NBA trade deadline moves, the Sixers are going for it, the Lakers got owned by the Pelicans, and Lavar Ball is back (2:27 - 23:03). Football is back and we draft our AAF teams plus make some Mike Martz jokes (23:03 - 30:18). Filmmaker and creator of Friday Night Lights Peter Berg joins the show to talk about his new project with the NFL, what draws him to certain stories, his time with the Navy Seals and wrestling Mark Wahlberg on a private Jet (30:18 - 61:17). Segments include Take Quake, Way to stay Relevant baseball, respect the Biz Kevin Durant, not to brag but we called it that Bitcoin guy may not be dead, and FAQ's. 
01:25:44 2/7/2019
Cleaning up the Super Bowl and Parade plus Hank's thoughts from the postgame party (2:27 - 10:52). NBA trade deadline is a day away and the Lakers and Pelicans are playing a game of chicken. Lavar Ball is officially back and Kobe may be as well (10:52 - 17:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including being nice to billionaires and John Wall is hurt (17:17 - 30:43). Mark Titus aka Club Trillion joins the show to catch up on the College Basketball season, can anyone beat Duke, is Brad Calipari too swaggy? And what happened to the Pac 12? (30:33 - 79:58).  Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, man card for the mountain lion that got choked out, and guys on chicks. 
01:26:45 2/5/2019
The Patriots are Champions again and we recap the lowest scoring SB of all time. What happened to the Rams offense, Belichick coached a gem of a defensive game and Brady did just enough to win. Best commercials and halftime show recap. Who is to blame for Rams loss, Saints fans must be extra mad, and we sent NFL Security on a wild goose chase. (3:10-24:53) Who's back of the week. (24:54-29:30) Our lawyer Mr Portnoy joins the show to talk about the win and his son being arrested, can barstool counter sue, and what happens next? (30:57-44:14) We had some great interviews over Super Bowl Week on radio so we bring you the best of including an awesome 20 minutes with Dan Patrick, a great story with Mark Schlereth, Ian Rapoport rating next head coach hires, and Chad Johnson talking about the time he had an orgy in college. (44:14-1:24:21) Segments include Sabermetrics Gronk's rings, (1:25:29-1:27:10) put one in his earhole Rovell (1:27:12-1:30:49), Mahomes vs Allen update,(1:30:50-1:34:14) Perspective,(1:34:15-1:36:17) and explain it to us, 21 Savage (1:36:18-1:40:10). 
01:42:58 2/3/2019
The NBA tried to steal Football's shine on the last weekend of Football (2:27 - 6:51). Super Bowl 53 betting angles, stats and picks (6:51 - 27:05). Hall of Famer Dan Marino joins the show. Future Hall of Famer Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about his future, being nominated for NFL man of the year, and Wikipedia Club is back in session (27:05 - 66:04). Segments include Porzingis trade, the annual we didn't start the fire NFL song, perspective, Kings stay Kings and FAQ including a drunk idea
01:30:29 1/31/2019
Middle of Super Bowl week and PFT crashed media day and was detained by the FBI. He tells the full story and what it was like to talk to Todd Gurley about his cats and Sean McVay about our forthcoming Super Bowl Suite (2:29 - 20:13). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Lebron tampering with Anthony Davis (20:13 - 35:44). Recurring guest and Belichick whisperer Scott Zolak joins the show to talk about the Super Bowl, his last text message with Tom Brady, and the time he told Bon Jovi to just play the hits (35:44 - 59:07). Mason Ramsey joins the show to talk about his rise to fame, whats his favorite animal, and the fact that he isn't allowed to dab anymore (59:07 - 72:10). Segments include Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor, the Bryce is Right Bryce Harper Update, Just Chill out man for murder and kidnapping hypotheticals by a couple respected journalists and guys on chicks. 
01:29:25 1/29/2019

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