Plugged In with Chris Howard

Max BMF Holloway gets it done at UFC 300. Is Justin Jefferson worth a max contract? How can the WNBA get fans of women's college basketball to cross-over?

UFC 303 Breakdown: We discuss Max Holloway's recent victory and analyze the potential showdown between Connor McGregor and Michael Chandler. Plus, Ocho weighs in on his chances lasting rounds with Holloway. NBA Analysis: The Lakers are pushing for the Western Conference finals - is this a win for the organization? Plus, a critical look at the Warriors vs. Kings; who will come out on top? We also pay tribute to Blake Griffin's career as an in-game dunker and rank him among legends like Vince Carter and Shaquille O'Neal. Can anyone stop Denver this season, and what would another Denver win mean for the NBA? NFL Insights: Justin Jefferson is eyeing a max contract, but is he worth it without a solid quarterback? We also discuss Brock Purdy's record-setting season with the 49ers, the truth behind Anuk's trade request, and what the lack of contract extensions for Tua and Goff means for their teams. Boxing Corner: A humorous take on the unlikely but entertaining Paul vs. Tyson fight scheduled for 4/20. WNBA Focus: Caitlin Clark's salary contrasted with her endorsement earnings and what the high viewership numbers for the WNBA draft could mean for the future of the league.

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