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Can you get all the benefits of meditation in just ten minutes a day? Did you know that your happiness is a muscle you can grow? What happens to you when you die? Why do bad things happen to good people? Author and teacher Light Watkins answers these questions and more. In addition, learn the 4 misconceptions people have about mediation, how to get started, how to truly relax, and one thing you can start doing immediately to enjoy life even more.

01:30:25 5/9/2017

Past Episodes

The rumors are true. This will be the final episode of The Truth Barrel (for now). The podcast will be going on hiatus while Gabby and her family spend the winter in Hawaii. Before leaving, though, Gabby and Neil wanted to share a few special tips, such as:

- Which Truth Barrel episodes Gabby and Neil recommend you listen to again.
- How to keep learning from Gabby and Neil during their hiatus.
- How Gabby and Neil handle social media trolls
- The secrets behind Gabby and Laird's coffee recipe and regimen.
- Tips on balancing politeness with assertiveness.
- Words of gratitude for the Truth Barrel audience.

And as always, be sure to keep in touch with Gabby and Neil at and
00:33:00 11/14/2017
Former model and TV host Michele Paradise gets in the sauna to discuss her journey to becoming a hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner. She is currently one of two people on the West Coast practicing a revolutionary new technique for healing psychological wounds and trauma. It is called Havening. On this episode, find out what Havening is, how to do it step by step, and the ways it can improve your inner and outer life.
00:58:00 11/7/2017
Gabby and Neil sit together to reflect on the different stages of parenthood they are going through at the moment. As they look at each other's work-relationship balance, they also share the details on the lessons they're learning as each day of parenting brings on new challenges. They also talk about how to battle hyper-focusedness and how it can cause feelings of failure while attempting to multi-task.

In this episode, you will learn...
- What is the "wall of pleasantness," and why it's toxic
- What allows us to do our best work while also maintaining great relationships
- Why you shouldn't always trust the "content" of what someone says
- How to handle feelings of powerlessness as your children grow up
- Why Gabby never left her kids' side until they were 3 years old
- What Neil learned after being alone with his son for a week.
- How to own your emotions.
- The evils of the silent treatment
- What unconditional positive regard is, and why it's dysfunctional
- The one mistake inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame say they made
01:06:00 10/31/2017
Musician Brandon Jenner grew up with a front row seat to an example of how fame and money will not bring happiness. As he embarks on his first solo tour, he joins Gabby and Neil inside The Truth Barrel to look back at his struggles of growing up in what Gabby calls a golden cage. Brandon shares lessons from avoiding the "entitlement syndrome" to childhood abandonment to performing in the husband-wife musical duo (Brandon & Leah), to becoming a father. This is a must-listen episode for anyone who wants to keep their past from getting in the way of their future. Plus, he plays a new song from his solo EP "Burning Ground" (available on iTunes/Spotify).

In this episode, you will learn...

- How to stick up for yourself when youre inherently a nice person.
- How to avoid self-sabotage and "entitled" thinking
- Why fear can make you a driven person.
- How to combat impostor syndrome (feelings of I dont deserve what I have.)
- How to focus on the positive instead of the negative in your life and with social media
- And Gabby discusses why 2017 has been the hardest year for her as a parent.
01:01:00 10/24/2017
Two friends of Neil and Gabby enter The Truth Barrel to share the truth about being chronically overweight: Scott (The Truth Barrel sound engineer), and Patrick (Neil's temporary right-hand person). Both Scott and Patrick are over six feet and north of 300 pounds. Neil and Gabby do their best to make a potentially life-saving game-plan for Scott and Patrick to change. They also dig inside the refrigerator to review the basics about the good, the bad, and the dangerous foods that you're led to eat too often. Then they go deeper to discuss the emotional reasons for why we eat foods that we logically know are hurting us.

In this episode, you will learn...
- How to enlist someone to keep you accountable
- How to jump-start your change in diet.
- How do you know when you're being triggered to eat emotionally
- Why a loved one shouldn't ever be your food police
- How to have a conversation about enlisting the people close to you in your weight loss plan
- Why places that proclaim their healthiness are deceptively unhealthy.
- How to stop yourself from eating fast food when on the road or lacking time.
- What "rationalization justification" is and why it leads to destructive behavior such as weight gain
- What Gabby's "40 Days of suspended faith" strategy is.
- Resources for trauma healing and why you might be engaging in trauma abstinence.
00:54:00 10/17/2017
Richard Laver is a living example of what it takes to "never give up." As a kid, he survived a horrific commercial airliner crash. And when he became a father of a child with special needs, he created an meal-replacement shake that made his daughter stronger and healthier.

In the process, Richard kicked his morbid fear of flying, and turned what had started as a home-made elixir into a successful healthy drink business. Gabby and Neil characterize this episode as a love story combined with accidental entrepreneurial lessons.

In this episode, you will learn:

- How to keep a healthy relationship while caring for a child with special needs.
- Why you should always get a second and third opinion from your child's doctor.
- What happened the night Richard created a meal-replacement shake that made life easier for his daughter with cerebral palsy.
- How Richard overcame his fear of flying.
- Lessons in experiencing miracles and survivors guilt.
- What to do when you have a bad feeling.
- How to harness the chip on your shoulder into something positive.
- The difference between premonition and anxiety.
- How to regain your innocence after losing it.
- What it takes to overcome the scrooge of limiting beliefs.
- The mindset it takes to navigate the frustrations of health insurance red tape.
- Strategies for when you're short on time but determined to eat healthier.
- Why everyone needs to start consuming chai tea and turmeric.
- And how Richard's nutrition shake found its way into the diet of an entire NFL team.
01:05:00 10/10/2017
According to Ori Hofmekler, we need stress in the same way we need food and sleep. Not necessarily psychological stress, but biological stress. He will also discuss a hack to stop emotional eating, as well as the power of intermittent fasting. Hofmekler is a former Israeli soldier turned health advocate. Ori has dedicated his each day of his life to finding ways to harness his stress into a longer, healthier life. He also shares with Gabby and Neil a comprehensive list of counter-intuitive things people do that keep them more stressed when they should be. Get ready for some science-backed advice and action steps to take during your next stressful moment.

In this episode, you will learn...

- How to stop a stress-eating binge in 60 seconds
- What stress activated foods are and why you should care.
- Why healthy people are attracted to stress.
- The importance of intermittent fasting and exercising on an empty stomach.
- Which good stresses you should to pursue and which bad stresses to avoid
- Why avoiding stress altogether will lead to an unhealthy life
- How doing a controlled stressful activity in the morning can slow your aging.
- And Neil accepts a fight challenge with Ori.
01:28:00 10/3/2017
Director and screenwriter Max Landis returns to The Truth Barrel for part 2 of his energetic and informative interview on writing scripts and getting movies made. This time, Max discusses the brutal process of pitch meetings, why pitching a script is infinitely more challenging than a first date, and advice that will help you during your next dreaded work "meeting." Max also shares a detail about an upcoming film that he's never revealed publicly before...

In this episode you will learn...

- How Max would have pitched Star Wars.
- The best advice on pitching films that Max has never given before.
- What to look for when picking your creative partners.
- When compromise is victory.
- How to handle bad feedback from superiors.
- The importance of organic communication and "the note behind the note."
- Why you should talk about your scripts as if they are movies you have seen.
- How to curate a great reading experience.
- How to recognize your own false self-diagnoses.
- How to avoid over-selling something.
- And Neil and Gabby discuss what they have learned together about their respective interviewing processes as co-hosts in their first fifty episodes of The Truth Barrel.
01:10:00 9/26/2017
Max Landis is one of the most sought-after screenwriters in Hollywood. From his first big film Chronicle to his upcoming Bright, with Will Smith to his classic Youtube video Wrestling Isn't Wrestling, Landis is also one of Hollywood's most prolific screenwriters. In this episode, he shares an equally large pile of advice, introspection and reflection about the tension between the struggle to create art and the demands to compromise it to make a living. This is a must-listen episode for any writer out there, as well as anyone who has ever doubted their own talents. And they discuss the question, "If you know yourself, does your art change?"

In this episode, you will learn:

- How to divorce yourself from your art when selling it.
- The mindset to have when facing unexpected and unwelcome changes.
- The four types of screenwriters.
- How to avoid the seductiveness of cynicism.
- Max's secret screenwriting techniques, and what he always does on the first page of every screenplay
- The one thing to avoid when re-branding yourself.
- What the open loop is and why it's paramount to great storytelling
- Why humans love surprises and how to train their emotions.
01:16:00 9/19/2017
For 12 years, Frank Warren has been mailed over 1 million secrets on post cards from people on every continent. His website, has led him to become the most trusted listener of secrets in the world. Frank joins Neil and Gabby in The Truth Barrel to share the lessons he has learned about the secrets that people keep, what they reveal about us, and whether or not it's true that we're as sick as our secrets.

In this episode, you'll learn...

- How Frank saved the life of someone on the verge of suicide
- What is a secret, when should you reveal it, and how it will help you and others
- How to overcome the shame of revealing a personal secret or confession
- Why the safest places might be the least comfortable places to share your secrets.
- The best way for parents to learn their childrens private lives and whether they should
-The qualities you need to receive someone else's secrets
- How Neil gets his interview subjects to open up so much.
- And the most common secret Frank has read out of 1 million secrets (you'll never guess)
01:59:00 9/12/2017

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