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Leno Smashes Political Comedy, Socialism Kills, and Is Biden the Dems' Magic Bullet?

Jay Leno exposes late night comedy's decay, Dr. Thomas Sowell joins for an exclusive interview, and Byron York discusses whether Joe Biden is the Dems' best hope in 2020.

The Laura Ingraham Podcast
01:30:00 3/13/2019

Past Episodes

Dr. Jordan Peterson joins the podcast for an exclusive interview, revealing why Trump's message on the wall is so attractive, destroying Elizabeth Warren on reparations, slamming AOC's obsession with "privilege," and much more. Plus, Peter Schweizer stops by to expose the truth about Joe Biden's corrupt ties to China.
01:30:00 3/21/2019
Joe Biden is earning the endorsement of the foreign policy elites, who want to go back to the days when they could freeload off the US. Newt Gingrich and Devin Nunes stop by to discuss this, and how to stop social media from censoring conservatives. Plus, solutions to overcoming the porn addiction crisis.
01:30:00 3/20/2019
Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and other 2020 Democrats compete for the most radical platforms; Victor Davis Hanson stops by to discuss this and more. Plus, Rep. Nunes sues Twitter, and an exclusive interview with the DEA Agent who took down El Chapo.
01:30:00 3/19/2019
The media fawns over Beto O'Rourke's presidential campaign announcement, Mercedes Schlapp stops by to update us on the national emergency showdown in the Senate, cyber security expert Tom Kelly gives tips on how you can protect your online data, and Fr. Gerald Murray reveals the true history of St. Paddy's Day.
01:30:00 3/14/2019
Reagan biographer Craig Shirley joins Laura to discuss Ocasio-Cortez's economic and historical ignorance on display at SXSW, geologist and climate change skeptic Gregory Wrightstone reveals how Apple censored his climate app, and why is Pelosi backtracking from the Dems' impeachment mantra?
01:30:00 3/12/2019
Liberals react to Paul Manafort's sentencing with hilarious conspiracy theories, Pat Buchanan exposes the consequences of the migrant invasion, and Victor Davis Hanson stops by to explain Trump's winning secret in his new book, "The Case for Trump."
01:40:00 3/8/2019
The intolerant Left was on full display at Portland State University, former ICE Director Thomas Homan slams Democrats' immigration policies, and Andrew McCarthy stops by to explain the Democrats' endless investigations of the White House.
01:30:00 3/7/2019
Hillary Clinton continues her lying streak in Selma, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Rep. Steve Scalise slam politicians on both sides for neglecting the border crisis, Father Robert Sirico discusses the importance of Lent, and producer Mike McDonald interviews CPAC attendees.
01:30:00 3/6/2019
Laura brings down the house with an inspiring speech at CPAC, Craig Shirley discusses the Democrats' lurch towards socialism, and Dr. Shelby Steele joins the podcast for an exclusive interview.
01:30:00 2/28/2019
Convicted liar Michael Cohen calls Trump a racist in the Democrats' circus hearing, Mercedes Schlapp stops by to discuss Trump's summit in Vietnam and the national emergency declaration, and Tim Carney discusses his new book "Alienated America."
01:30:00 2/27/2019

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