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Lana Berry (social influencer), Agent Kelli Masters Talks NFL Draft, and A Game of Thrones Football Draft

Lana Berry (@Lana, a social influencer and personality) joins Austin to talk taking blacksmith classes in high school, the night she live tweeted a radio station playing Nelly's Hot In Herre on a continuous loop, if she pronounces it GIF or JIF, why Twitter is the worst but we can't get enough, what's the best seat in Dodger Stadium, her favorte stadium food in Major League Baseball, the day she was photobombed by a fake proposal couple at a Diamondbacks game, whether or not we will ever see Bartolo Colon play again, and she breaks down - in detail - the day she snuck into Johnny Manziel's Pro Day, stood near George H.W. Bush, and photobombed Manziel on national television (interview starts at 3:27). Plus, Austin is joined by Kelli Masters (an NFL agent from Kelli Masters Management) to talk about what goes on during NFL Draft week from an agent's perspective and what exactly is a signing bonus (41:11)? And Kyle Ayers (Never Seen It podcast) joins to host a Game of Thrones football draft and analyze Austin's picks (1:01:46).

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