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Congressman Nunes - Republican for CA 22nd District on Russian collusion 'This is a major scandal'

Ed Gillespie - Republican Candidate Running for Governor of Virginia
'we have support from all across the party '

The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast
01:15:00 10/25/2017

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Laura and Raymond take your calls on the continued government shutdown over Democrats' refusal to secure our border, Michelle Malkin joins to fight back against Gillette's anti-masculinity ad, and pro-life advocates Dr. Alveda King and Abby Johnson discuss the annual March for Life.
01:30:00 1/17/2019
New York far left politicians like Andrew Cuomo and Kirsten Gillibrand are quickly becoming the standard model of the Democrat party! Laura and Raymond discuss this, plus the victimhood culture, a burgeoning fertility crisis and your calls!
01:20:00 1/16/2019

Please find the new Laura Ingraham Show Feed HERE ! This feed will be obsolete in the coming weeks and we don't want you to miss a show! Welcome to the Laura Ingraham Podcast! In this inaugural episode Laura and co-host Raymond Arroyo discuss how cell phones and social media are harming kids with renowned expert Dr. Jean Twenge, and Reagan biographer Craig Shirley stops by to share Reagan's profound wisdom on the American character and more. Plus, Trump shows once again why he's the most relatable politician around, while Democrat Presidential hopefuls struggle to seem "cool."

01:30:00 1/15/2019
The Best Of The Laura Ingraham Show.
01:20:00 12/28/2018
The Best Of The Laura Ingraham Show.
01:20:00 12/27/2018
The Best Of The Laura Ingraham Show.
01:20:00 12/26/2018
The Best Of The Laura Ingraham Show.
01:20:00 12/25/2018
The Best Of The Laura Ingraham Show.
01:20:00 12/24/2018
The Best Of The Laura Ingraham Show.
01:20:00 12/21/2018
Pat Buchanan - Conservative commentator, columnist, and author on Syria move "what Trump has done with this jolting decision, is really sent the cat down among the pigeons" Newt Gingrich - Former Speaker of the House and historian, Author of the NY Times Best Seller Trump's America (2018) "The President's going to have to figure out a new, more effective strategy" Sec. Mike Pompeo - 70th US Secretary of State on Syria move "this was a decision that was made with lots of consultation between all the senior level officials"
01:20:00 12/20/2018

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