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Congressman Nunes - Republican for CA 22nd District on Russian collusion 'This is a major scandal'

Ed Gillespie - Republican Candidate Running for Governor of Virginia
'we have support from all across the party '

01:15:00 10/25/2017

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Helgi Walker - White Collar Attorney; Partner in the Washington, DC office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher; Former Associate Counsel to President George Bush; Former clerk for Justice Thomas. On Kavanaugh accusations "I would be surprised if any legitimate, credible information came out" Sol Wisenberg - White Collar Attorney, Partner in the Washington, DC office of Nelson Mullins, Deputy Independent Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation On Kavanaugh accusations "I fully expected something like this to happen all along"
01:20:00 9/18/2018
Ken Starr - Independent Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation and author of Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation. on Kavanaugh accusations "He's denied it, that's good enough for me" Monica and Megan McCaleb - Two of 65 high school acquaintances who signed an open letter last week vouching for Judge Kavanaugh's character. "I stand by that letter"
01:20:00 9/17/2018
Leland Vittert - Fox News Reporter on the ground in North Carolina covering the Hurricane. "it's stunning how long Hurricane Florence is here" Heather MacDonald - Manhattan Institute Fellow, Contributing Editor at City Journal and Author of The Diversity Delusion (just released). "we are reintroducing group tribalism"
01:20:00 9/14/2018
Lindsey Graham -- R-SC on Hurricanes "it's the flooding that i worry about the most" Rudy Peters - Republican Candidate for Congress in California's 15th Congressional District on Maxine Waters comments "it was quite shocking, how can the Democratic party allow that to go on"
01:20:00 9/13/2018
Kevin McCarthy: That Wall is Gonna Get Built, and in California it's Already Being built
01:20:00 9/12/2018
Steve Bannon - Former Trump campaign manager and White House Chief Strategist on film Trump At War "it puts before the people, the case for the Trump program" Art Laffer - Economist and Former member of Reagan's Economic Advisory Board"this is the best first term of administration I think ever in history"
01:20:00 9/11/2018
Mike Huckabee - 44th Governor of Arkansas, Host of Huckabee on Trinity Broadcast Network on Serena Williams "she was playing against another female so it's hardly appropriate to say that it was all about sexism" Kellyanne Conway (Trump Counselor) on anonymous op-ed "why are we elevating this person?"
01:20:00 9/10/2018
Glenn Greenwald - Founder of the Intercept, journalist, constitutional lawyer, and author of four New York Times best-selling books on politics and law on NYT Op-Ed "Trump didn't run on standard GOP orthodoxy" Pat Buchanan - White House Director of Strategic Communications "there really is an all out, full court press to bring down the President of the United States"
01:20:00 9/7/2018
Roger Stone - Republican strategist, opposition researcher, and author of Stone's Rules: How To Win At Politics, Business and Style on NYT anonymous op-ed "a stunning act of journalistic irresponsibility" Mercedes Schlapp - White House Director of Strategic Communications on NYT anonymous op-ed "the reality is we are so incredibly focused on what we need to be focused on"
01:20:00 9/6/2018
Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) - Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee on releasing Kavanaugh documents "the documents that really matter are the 300 opinions that he's authored since he's been a US court of appeals judge" Professor Justin Walker - Professor of Law at University of Louisville, former clerk to Judge Anthony Kennedy and Judge Brett Kavanaugh "the hypocrisy is just rank"
01:20:00 9/5/2018

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