House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

Kroy Can Fluff A Conversation

Kim and Kroy open the show by filling you in on the on going drama with the boys' baseball teams. There are so many backstabbing moments don't be surprised if you see Real Little League Players Of Atlanta on Bravo soon. After that Kim and Kroy share a heartbreaking story about Brielle's friend Arielle. She's been on the show in the past and is part of the "podcast family" so if you can please lend her some support. The Positive Segment is how to get a conversation started. Do you find it hard to talk to new people? Kim shares your struggle and these tips will help you break the ice anywhere. And if you're like Kroy, well, you already know how to fluff a conversation. The Golden Nugget is amazing tips on how to fall asleep in 2 minutes or less. Leant how to be only 120 seconds away from some shut eye anywhere!

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