House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

Kranky Kroy Is Koming To Town with Teresa Giudice

It's another Manifesting Monday episode! This week Kim and Kroy continue their gift giving debate. Brielle and Kim have already exchanged their Christmas gifts and Kroy does not approve. Brielle comes in to share her side of the story and to air her grievances about how Ariana is always taking her clothes from her closet. A clothing rental policy is put in place but its pricing structure is... complicated. Since it's the holiday season we're making a list and we're checking it Giudice. Kim and Kroy catch up with Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice. They talk about everything from Teresa's positive mindset to her workout routine to her opinion of Kroy in a speedo. We end with the Positive Segment which is all about pursuing your dreams. You never know what's around the corner and who will help you! Sponsors for this episode are: ThredUp Go to and use promo code KIM to get 30% off your first order. True Car For a better way to sell or trade-in your car go to Blink Check out Blink's line of wireless home security cameras by going to

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