The Good Life with Stevie & Sazan

Our world is like a tornado right now! From our move, to leaving our home, and moving to Texas there is so much going on, but we still have peace. We've been challenged in this season to trust God on another level and learn to let Him lead. Today we're sharing how we are getting through the chaos. It's a challenge that we all go through on a daily basis, but how are we responding? Also we have New York Times best selling author Victoria Osteen on the show to share about her new book Exceptional You! and the power of knowing your worth. Turn up and tune in fam it's about to get GOOD. This week's episode is sponsored by Harper Wilde, Sun Basket, Dole, Home Depot, and PlutoTV! for up to $80 off! to get started today with a FREE at-home try-on, and get a FREE bra wash bag!

The Good Life with Stevie & Sazan
00:00:00 5/22/2019

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It's funny to think that two people who make their living through social media are doing an episode about limiting and controlling your usage of social platforms. The reason is because we CARE about your sanity.. and ours lol. Social media is a powerful tool, but it can also be dangerous if we aren't careful.. today we're giving you 5 practical tips to help you make the most of the social platforms. PLUS! We're sharing some of our best and worst summer memories growing up and you'd be surprised how different they are! It gets weird... but it gets GOOD. This week's episode is sponsored by Sun Basket, Dole,, American Heart Association, & True Car!
00:00:00 6/19/2019

Mind, Body, and Spirit are all connected and each contributes to your overall health. So many of us have hidden grain and gluten allergies that are causing inflammation and and weight gain issues. Today we're uncovering the mysteries behind the latest movement in the world of nutrition, the Grain Free diet. Y'all know we try to live close to grain free and it has been a GAME CHANGER for us. Best selling author and chef Danielle Walker gives us the keys to her healthy grain free lifestyle and helps us sift through the facts and the fakes about this new way of eating. If you're looking to upgrade your knowledge and your health this is for you! Share with someone who needs this information fam! It's about to get GOOD.  

00:55:30 6/12/2019
Getting lost sucks. Have you ever taken a wrong turn and it's completely thrown you off course? Most of us have taken a few detours in life and some of us have completely derailed from a path of purpose. Today we're here to get you back on track! Motivational speaker and life coach Trent Shelton is here with us to discuss redirecting your path and identifying your true purpose. After this episode you'll have the keys to properly identify your passions, skills, and hopefully your purpose. SHARE THIS EPISODE FAM - SO MANY NEED IT! Keep it here because it about to get GOOD. This episode is sponsored by First Leaf, Home Depot,, Dole, & True Car. to get SIX bottles of wine for only $29.95!!
00:49:57 6/5/2019

Hey Fam, as some of you know it's been a crazy season for us as we've been moving out of our house back home to Texas for the summer! We have some news about what's to come for TGL. PLUS it's time to go back in the vault and read through more of the emails that you've sent us fam.. while reading some of these letters it brought tears to our eyes. Tune in and turn up because it's about to get GOOD. This week's episode of the Good Life is brought to you FREE thanks to our friends at Home Depot, Dole, Sun Basket, Linzess, & TrueCar! - For $80 off - $20 off each week for the first four weeks!

00:52:41 5/29/2019
In Today's episode we've got to catch you up fam on all the changes going on right now in our life, from selling our house, to our wedding anniversary, to leaving LA! Also Sazan shares the story of her mother's will to fight for her family amidst their hardships. It gets a little emotional today! Keep your volume up and your windows down - it's about to get GOOD! This episode of The Good Life is sponsored by Away, Vincero, Home Depot, Harper Wilde, and Scent Bird!
00:51:29 5/15/2019
What is your obsession? Today we're taking time to discuss the power of obsessions and how to overcome the idols that have been negatively affecting your life. We both get very personal in sharing some of our past struggles in hopes that it will encourage y'all fam to gain control over your own vices. So get your sauce out because this episode is full of nuggets lol! Kick back and relax it's about to get GOOD! This episode of the Good Life is brought to you by Vincero Watches, First Leaf, Dole, Home Depot, and True Car!
00:50:28 5/8/2019
Having a successful relationship requires us to be intentional in our love life. So many of us spend time on our passions like building a business or getting in shape, but how often do we put that same energy into our relationship? Shouldn't that be a HIGH priority? Today on TGL we have Jeremy and Audrey Roloff on to share more about their incredible love story, their new book, and how they've been able to maintain a flourishing relationship in an age of brokenness. Stay tuned fam it's about to get GOOD. This episode of The Good Life is sponsored by Vincero Watches, Sun Basket, Dole, True Car & PlutoTV! Head to for 15% off your order! PLUS, visit to get up to $80 off today!
01:05:54 5/1/2019

Have you ever envisioned yourself as a leader? Have you ever wanted to take your life and work to the next level? We all have unique God given leadership qualities, but they must be harnessed and nurtured. Today we have best selling author and leadership coach Michael Hyatt on the show and together we are learning about the KEYS to LEAD! Keep your note pad handy and grab a warm cup of joe.. its about to get GOOD. Be sure to check out Michael Hyatt's new book Free to Focus !! This episode of TGL is brought to you by Vincero, Scentbird, SunBasket, Wander Beauty, & TrueCar! Go to and use my code 'SAZAN' for 50% off your first month! Visit to get up to $80 off today! Vincero is offering 15% off your entire order to everyone tuning in with code 'SAZAN' ! Just head to for 15% off your entire order! Beauty lovers - Get 20% off your purchase at !!

01:00:25 4/24/2019
Hi fam! We're intimately inviting you into our home today to share what's good in our life. With Easter near, we felt compelled to do this episode candidly talking about our faith and what it means to us. We're reading some of our listeners direct messages that inspired us to lead you all in a special prayer for anyone out there who needs saving. Sazan also shares shares her powerful testimony and how the good life podcast is changing lives. It's about to get GOOD! This episode of the Good Life is sponsored by Harper Wilde & TrueCar! Go to to try three bras at home FREE and receive a free gift!
00:00:00 4/17/2019
On today's episode of TGL Sazan has a very heartfelt word she wants to share directly with all of you Fam. Also, on the show we have Brian Johnson, leader of Bethel Worship Group, to share about his life long battle with anxiety and panic attacks and the meaning behind his new book "When God Becomes Real." We hope you'll share this episode with someone who needs to hear this message. If you're going through a similar battle as Brian we want you to know Fam, you're not alone! Tune in, it's about to get GOOD.
00:52:03 4/10/2019

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