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Kmele Foster is a producer at Freethink media and host of The Fifth Column podcast. Foster and Domenech discuss the overlaps of freedom, race, politics, and entertainment. "This is another area where you take race, inject it into an important issue and rather than talking about meaningful solutions... the only thing we can talk about is slavery and discrimination and how people who disagree with you are racist," Foster said.

The Federalist Radio Hour
00:42:00 3/6/2018

Past Episodes

Saagar Enjeti is the White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller. He joins Emily Jashinsky on today's show to discuss the news of Trump's latest hires and his political media savvy. They also discuss how the outrage mob got Kevin Hart fired from his Oscars gig and the culture's increasing intolerance of anyone against progressive orthodoxy. Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West the only celebrities who have been able to stand up to the mob?
00:48:00 12/6/2018
Matt Bai is a political journalist, author, and now screenwriter. His book, "All The Truth Is Out," about the presidential candidate Gary Hart was the basis for the new movie, "The Front Runner," starring Hugh Jackman. Domenech and Bai discuss the historical transformation of political press and the movie-making process.
00:47:00 12/5/2018
Ben Domenech interviews Jennifer A. Frey, assistant professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina, on the work and life of Southern writer Walker Percy. They discuss the overlapping themes of his novels, his conversion to Catholicism, and the human desire to know ourselves.
00:47:00 12/4/2018
Ramesh Ponnuru is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist and senior editor at National Review. Ponnuru and Domenech discuss the life and Presidency of George H.W. Bush, as well as the shifts we've seen in the Republican party since then. Ponnuru also talks current domestic policy issues, Senator Romney, and the state of conservatism.
00:51:00 12/3/2018
This episode originally aired on January 28, 2018. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush sits down with host Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour to reflect on his presidential run in 2016 and to discuss the challenges of belonging to a political family.
00:33:00 12/2/2018
This episode first aired on Dec. 15, 2016. How can you make sure you get the most out of your grocery store wine or sommelier experience? David White is a wine writer and author of "But First, Champagne: A Modern Guide To The World's Favorite Wine." White and Domenech discuss the history of Champagne, wine policy, wine fraud, and how amateur wine enthusiasts can learn to order something they will enjoy.
00:54:00 11/29/2018
This episode first aired on June 23, 2017. Douglas Murray is the author of "The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam" and the associate editor of the Spectator in London. Murray explains the impact of migration into Europe and the reaction from the continent's political elite. Murray breaks down immigrations questions and issues Europeans are mulling over, such as the changes in the culture for muslims and non-muslims alike.
00:54:00 11/28/2018
The Internet presented to us a 1958 McCall's article titled, "129 Ways to Get a Husband." Mollie Hemingway, Ellie Bufkin, and Emily Jashinsky join the podcast to discuss both their objections and praises with ideas for dating on this entertaining list from another era.
00:50:00 11/27/2018
November has been the deadliest month this year for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Bre Payton and Amber Smith discuss America's longest war, PTSD, and migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Smith is a combat veteran helicopter pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan, and former deputy assistant to the secretary of defense.
00:43:00 11/26/2018
Today's episode is a compilation of Federalist Radio Hour interviews on social media, Silicon Valley censorship, and political correctness. Naomi Schaefer Riley shares her personal story of being fired from a publication because of a social media mob. Domenech discusses the firing of James Damore at Google with Kevin Madden, and he asks someone who is not on social media, columnist George Will, about Twitter's effect on journalism.
00:51:00 11/25/2018

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