Penn goes to Red State director Kevin Smith's home to do his Smodcast. Penn & Teller vs. Jay & Silent Bob, Kevin vs. vegetables, & the Wonderful World of Pinker.

01:24:41 6/10/2018

Past Episodes

Dr. Klaper closes out our last episode before Penn psychedelicizes his soul.
00:53:42 7/18/2018
Dr. Klaper visits to kick off Penn's 21-day water fast.
00:51:21 7/15/2018
Property of Ringo, breaking office furniture, how to talk to your parents, & avoiding nostalgia.
01:06:46 7/11/2018
Half Japanese, The Shaggs, & crossing generation gaps with Duplex Planet creator David Greenberger.
00:59:57 7/8/2018
A eulogy for Troy Hurtubise, camp stories, & another great idea for our alternate careers.
00:43:27 7/4/2018
Teller prepares for surgery, Penn & Dr. Klapper prepare for the water fast, stories about glass, & life in the slow lane.
00:43:51 7/1/2018
Matt's booked in the Mac King room, sitting without distraction, & onstage bleeding.
00:54:07 6/27/2018
Paul McCartney, Murphy Brown, Matt's PorcFest experience, & a new old take on our theme, courtesy of Commander Cody's Lost Planet Airmen.
00:51:45 6/24/2018
Matt joins the CIA, Penn's laparoscopic magic trick & nuttiest fast yet, & Goudeau's TV terrors trip.
01:09:11 6/20/2018
Penn & Teller take a medical leave, Goudeau's inventions, travel advice from Bonnie Raitt, & Penn's suicide story.
00:45:24 6/17/2018

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