Scheananigans with Scheana Shay

Scheana is back from Kentucky and drinking and podcasting with Kristen Doute! They're trying to lose their accents, sharing deets from the wedding, talking about dancing with Lance Bass(!!!), and the trouble with boys.

Scheananigans with Scheana Shay
00:58:40 7/9/2019

Past Episodes

None other than Tom Tom GM Max Boyens joins Scheana and Courtney to take the White Claw flavor challenge, talk about his work at the bar, working with Lisa, and holding down the single life! (For now.)

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00:53:40 9/17/2019

Fellow PodcastOne hosts Jessica Hall and Mel Lamprey are hanging with Scheana and Janet talking about their new podcast, being open and honest about the "Hollywood" life, their careers, and how the media tries to get people to see through their filter.

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01:01:19 9/10/2019
Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz from Tom Tom are hanging with Scheana and Janet talking about running the restaurant, the joy of mingling with guests, and the fun of interacting with fans.
01:11:41 9/3/2019
Erika Costell returns to Scheananigans with Cortney to talk all things influencing, her daily routine, new music, the VMAs, and if there might be any special someones in her life!
01:05:06 8/28/2019
None other than Lala Kent is getting into some Scheananigans talking about dealing with haters, bullies, her makeup line, her and Randall's relationship, the exes who just aren't worth it, and celebrating almost a year sober!
01:12:05 8/21/2019
Big Brother 16 winner and TV host Derrick Levasseur joins Scheananigans to talk about his law enforcement career, his time on Big Brother, his show "Breaking Homicide", and his time as an undercover officer.
01:04:17 8/15/2019

Former publicist and host of the Publyssity Podcast, Alyssa Amoroso is in studio with Scheana and Janet to talk about her show and her love for reality TV. Plus, Scheana's upcoming music video and Janet's invented game, "Pizza box!" 

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00:53:16 8/9/2019
Scheana and Janet are joined by their younger siblings, Cortney and Ben. They're testing their millennial knowledge to prove they don't deserve to be called Gen-Z (which, based on science, they are). Who will come out on top!?
00:59:55 7/31/2019
Kailah Casillas is back to shoot the sh*t with Scheana and Janet about a HORRIBLE BIRD COLLISION(!!!), the euphoria that is Euphoria, and Scheana's upcoming surgery. Plus, 2019's most burning question, is an eggplant a fruit?
00:44:40 7/23/2019
Janet is back from her vacay, and neighbor/friend of Scheananigans, Zack Wickham joins in to talk about getting rid of boys who DON'T matter, updates on dating lives, hook ups etiquette and...what's a PLATINUM gay??
00:49:50 7/17/2019

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