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Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to LA, Kanter signs with Celtics, and some MLB All-Star break thoughts - 7/8/19

On Monday's podcast, Danny Picard returned from his 4th of July break with reaction to the Los Angeles Clippers adding Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. And what does it all mean for Russell Westbrook? Plus, some thoughts on Enes Kanter signing with the Boston Celtics, Kemba Walker wearing Antoine Walker's No. 8, and the Lakers making some interesting moves by signing Danny Green and DeMarcus Cousins. Also, Danny gives his Home Run Derby winner, while taking a look at the state of the Boston Red Sox at the MLB All-Star break.

The Danny Picard Show
00:55:03 7/8/2019

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On Monday's podcast, Danny Picard opened the show with his reaction to the NFL reinstating Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon. Why did the league reinstate him? And what does it mean for both the NFL and the Patriots, moving forward? Plus, Danny shared his thoughts on Antonio Brown leaving Oakland Raiders Training Camp for a second time, and explains why he's still not buying that Brown's "helmet" is the real issue. And Danny closed out the show with some advice for the Boston Red Sox: shut Chris Sale down for the season. It's over. Move on to 2020.
00:57:53 8/19/2019
On Thursday's podcast, Danny Picard opened the show with reaction to Peter Gammons' report on the Mookie Betts contract negotiations, or lack thereof. Plus, Danny played some hilarious audio of Jon Gruden from Episode 2 of HBO's Hard Knocks with the Oakland Raiders. Also, Antonio Brown is in the news again, this time for stiffing a personal chef. And to close out the show, Danny plays a little game called "Is this a message from the NFLPA to its players, or a text from your Mom?"
01:07:03 8/15/2019
On Monday's podcast, Danny Picard opened the show reacting to Tom Brady discussing the sale of his house. Danny also gave his biggest takeaway from the Patriots' preseason win over the Detroit Lions. Plus, is the helmet really the reason that Antonio Brown refuses to practice or play? And Danny closed out the show with some thoughts on the Red Sox splitting a four-game series with the Los Angeles Angels over the weekend, while giving a grade for WWE SummerSlam.
01:06:32 8/12/2019
On Thursday's podcast, NFL Network's Mike Giardi joined Danny Picard to discuss Tom Brady's new contract and what it means for his future with the Patriots (34:22). Plus, Danny opened the show explaining why he doesn't think this is Brady's last season in New England. He also shared his thoughts on the Oakland Raiders' "Hard Knocks" debut, while closing out the show reacting to Dan Shaughnessy's report that says Dave Dombrowski could be gone after the season.
01:06:14 8/8/2019
On Monday's podcast, Danny Picard opened the show reacting to the Boston Red Sox getting swept by the New York Yankees in the Bronx over the weekend. He also explains why he's not blaming Dave Dombrowksi for the eight-game losing skid. Plus, Danny reacted to Tom Brady's new contract, and wishes that the media would let us just enjoy it. And since Brady's new deal saves the Patriots some money with the salary cap, could that money be used for a Gronk return? And Danny closed out the show with thoughts on Ed Reed praising Bill Belichick during his Hall of Fame speech, Draymond Green's contract extension, and Kyrie Irving's return to the Garden the day before Thanksgiving.
01:01:44 8/5/2019
On Thursday's podcast, Danny Picard opened the show with his reaction to the MLB Trade Deadline, which saw the Boston Red Sox do NOTHING. Plus, Danny shared his thoughts on Tom Brady's latest contract comments, the New Orleans Saints giving Michael Thomas a $100 million extension, and Ezekiel Elliott continuing to hold out.
00:58:21 8/1/2019
On Monday's podcast, SLAINE joined Danny Picard in-studio to discuss some of his upcoming projects, both in the music and movie industries, and to get into the top stories surrounding the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and Boston Celtics. What's Mookie Betts' future in Boston look like? Is this Tom Brady's final season? Should Julian Edelman end up in the Hall of Fame? And will the Kemba Walker contract be a disaster? All that and more.
01:24:58 7/29/2019
On Thursday's podcast, Danny Picard opened the show with some intense UFO talk after some bizarre sightings in Massachusetts on Wednesday night. He then got into some NFL Training Camp storylines, including an update on Julian Edelman's thumb injury and Tom Brady's contract status. Danny explained why the Patriots should just give Brady whatever he wants. Plus, as the Red Sox and Yankees begin a huge weekend series, Danny discussed what the Sox should do before next week's MLB Trade Deadline. And he closed out the show reacting to Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr saying the Anthony Davis trade was "bad for the NBA."
01:10:08 7/25/2019
On Monday's podcast, Danny Picard reacted to the Boston Red Sox losing 2-of-3 in Baltimore over the weekend, which included David Price getting lit up while Dennis Eckersley was taking part in Hall of Fame festivities in Cooperstown. Plus, Danny shared his thoughts on news of a Julian Edelman injury, the NFL refusing to suspend Tyreek Hill, and much more.
00:49:04 7/22/2019
On Thursday's podcast, Danny Picard opened the show by coming to the defense of Dennis Eckersley, who was on the receiving end of David Price's unnecessary and embarrassing verbal assault on Wednesday. Plus, Danny reacted to Kyrie Irving telling Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics in March that he "really wanted to go home" to Brooklyn. And he closed out the show with some thoughts on Mike Florio's report that says there's a 40 percent chance Rob Gronkowski returns to the New England Patriots this coming season.
01:03:15 7/18/2019

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