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June 25: Hallmark's Christmas in July & Amazing Disney Dresses

Heather and Cliff give you all the details on the new Christmas movies that Hallmark is debuting in July as part of their Christmas Keepsake schedule, which includes 178 Christmas movies between July 12th and July 28th! Worried that you won't be able to watch the debut of Christmas Camp or A Merry Christmas Match? Cliff has all the details on how cord cutters can still get their Christmas movie fix.

Heather found some absolutely beautiful Disney Princess dresses that would be perfect for that Christmas wedding you've been planning (or if you want to make a HUGE splash at this year's Christmas party). 

Finally, do you prefer a real Christmas tree or do you take the artificial route? Heather has some really interesting reasons that you might want to think about getting a real tree this year (in addition to the way they make your entire house smell like Christmas of course).

Christmas Camp: http://bit.ly/2J4LuUc

Steam the Hallmark Channel:


Amazing Disney Dresses: http://bit.ly/2JaG4XV

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