Makers of Minnesota

Jodi Livon uses her intuition and psychic ability to coach entrepreneurs how to listen to their intuition and grow their business.

Makers of Minnesota
00:00:00 5/29/2017

Past Episodes

Hagen and Oats founders Nikki and Anna are sisters who found their love of crafting and power tools were the makings of a Minnesota Made business. (ep. 125)
00:00:00 1/14/2019
ModernWell was created by Julie Burton as a women-centered collaborative work space that balances your personal needs of creating community with your work life-balance. (ep. 123)
00:00:00 1/7/2019
Jon Wipfli's catering and food business, The Minnesota Spoon, helped him incubate the techniques and recipes that have become the hottest barbecue truck in town, Animales Barbeque. (ep. 122)
00:00:00 12/31/2018
Amanda Brinkman and her team at Deluxe Corporation have championed the Small Business Revolution as a way to help small businesses grow and enhance their communities. ep. 121
00:00:00 12/28/2018
Recap 9: Kelly McManus is transitioning her fresh noodles, Dumpling and Strand,(ep 58) to the frozen food section in the local grocery store when we catch up with her. (ep.58) A commercial kitchen, transitioning to frozen and continuing to build her Minnesota Noodlery are what is keeping her going in year 3.
00:00:00 12/18/2018
Kylee Leonetti is a serial entrepreneur having created three companies including Girl Creative, Kylee & Christian Creative and her latest, Leonetti Confetti. (ep. 120)
00:00:00 12/17/2018
Mike Noer purchased Acme Made, a designer bag company, and developed new product lines that could be manufactured at the 100 year old Minnesota fabric Company Airtex in Minneapolis. (ep. 119)
00:00:00 12/11/2018
Recap 8: We catch up with Susan Langer, Founder of the technology company Live, Give Save (ep 36) that is launching the Spave app that allows you to save and donate a percentage of your purchases each time you make them. We revisit them after the app has gone live and is available for download through the app store.
00:00:00 12/4/2018
Jen Alexander wanted to create healing, comforting plant-based soups and spreads as a way to help people eat a healthier plant based lifestyle for their health and overall wellness. Jens Jars are plant -based soups and spread packaged in mason jars and available at Farmers Markets and Lakewinds Coop through the maker to market program. (ep.118)
00:00:00 12/2/2018
Cynthia from Dearest Baker Macaroons started making macaroons because she liked that she could create unique flavors like Lychee, Lingonberry and Birthday Cake. With her family and husband Fue's help the business grew. Over time the macaroons grew into a sustainable business that could be found at retail markets, pop ups and creating hand crafted character macaroons emerged. (ep.117)
00:00:00 11/26/2018

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