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Intelligence Community brings on Microsoft as key piece to second epoch of ICITE

John Sherman, the Intelligence Community's chief information officer, wanted to tamp down any rumors about why the IC signed a deal to bring Microsoft's cloud into the mix. He tells it all to Executive Editor Jason Miller on Ask the CIO.

00:43:21 5/31/2018

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The Health Resources and Services Administration awarded $11 billion in grants across 90 programs in fiscal 2017. And with that comes petabytes of data and the need to analyze that information. Adriane Burton, the Health Resources and Services Administration's chief information officer, said a new modern data analytics platform holds the key for improving how HRSA manages its grants process.
00:42:24 7/15/2018
Frank Konieczny, the CTO for the Office of Information Dominance and chief information officer in the Air Force, said the service is figuring out how to authenticate connected devices.
00:41:09 6/28/2018
The Export-Import Bank of the U.S. received an unusual report from its inspector general. Auditors praised the agency's efforts to modernize its infrastructure and deploy new systems. Howard Spira, the chief information officer of EXIM, said on Ask the CIO with Jason Miller that he focused the agency on the nuts and bolts of operations and maintenance to create this successful approach.
00:41:26 6/25/2018
The Agriculture Department is moving closer to ending the planning stage and entering the operational stage of the Trump administration's Centers of Excellence IT modernization initiative. USDA and the General Services Administration will host a CoE phase 2 planning session on June 27 for contractors to learn about their procurement strategies. The details from phase GSA and USDA awarded four vendors contracts to support phase 1 in March. Gary Washington, the USDA chief information officer, said his agency as well as GSA, detailees and vendors helping on this transformation effort have to keep one very important fact in mind: This is not about technology.
00:41:27 6/14/2018
Wayne Jones, the chief information officer at the NNSA, said he is taking a hybrid approach to modernizing systems and applications.
00:42:50 6/7/2018
Pam Wolfe, the chief of the Enterprise Services Division in the NASA Shared services office, said because of robotics process automation, her office can review grant applications more quickly.
00:43:11 5/23/2018
GSA started down the path using the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework more than two years ago. David Shive, the chief information officer for GSA, said he began with TBM for purely selfish reasons.
00:42:51 5/17/2018
Jonathan Sullivan, a digital services expert at the U.S. Digital Service, said modernizing the Quality Payment Program for CMS required a change in approach.
00:43:10 5/9/2018
The U.S. Digital Service helped SBA modernize the applications to apply for government contracting programs.
00:45:00 5/6/2018
The Veterans Affairs Department is working on no less than 11 different modernization projects to improve the portal. These include straightforward efforts like getting VA to the cloud and improving procurement of technology. Marvo Dolor, the deputy executive director of digital services at the VA, said one of the more challenging initiatives was to create a single-sign on capability for the portal.
00:43:13 4/26/2018

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