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The guys successfully made the trip down to Philly in Vanny Woodhead the 1993 Conversion Van. NBA Playoffs and Russ has been eliminated. NFL Draft storylines (1:07 - 18:45). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (18:45 - 26:11). NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joins the show to talk about the draft, what QB is going first, who is looking to trade and the time Aaron Hernandez threatened to kill him (26:11 - 51:07). Segments include Kings Stay Kings, hurt or injured with San Jose Sharks Logan Couture. Seeing Red. Alex Jones trial update. Is Pat Riley going to die soon. Respect the Biz and locker room talk with Pacman Jones

69:59 4/25/2017

Past Episodes

Grit Week 2017 is here and we are live from West Virginia. The guys talk about the trip thus far in their 1993 Conversion Van named Vanny Woodhead (2:11 - 8:11). Lebron sucked and the Cavs finally lost a game (8:11 - 13:49). Who's back of the week (13:49 - 20:23). Baltimore Ravens' running back Danny Woodhead joins us from Vanny Woodhead to talk Grit, his decision to sign with Baltimore and whether or not he feels pressure to win a Super Bowl for PFT (20:23 - 33:40). West Virginia Head Basketball Coach Bob Huggins joins us to talk about coaching, his famous punishment treadmill, teaching the press and his FitBit (33:40 - 57:21). Segments include Tommy Lasorda thoughts and prayers, Olympic Update for the deteriorating Rio medals, Ehhhhhh for Lavar Ball, Tim Tebow Update, and Protect The Shield
69:40 5/21/2017
NBA Playoffs and Hank's Puking a lot of green (1:30 - 4:20). Paul George loses out on 70 million dollars because Sportswriters run the world (4:20 - 7:15). Embrace Debate can women be big ballers according to Lavar Ball (7:15 - 10:17). Grit Week preview and the announcement of cities (10:17 - 14:04). Our lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to guide us through intern interviews, grit week legal issues and Portnoy's complaint (14:04 - 34:48). Randy Moss (the original) joins the show to give us picks for the Preakness and a preview of the second Triple Crown race (34:48 - 46:44). Segments include PR 101 for A-Rod, Thoughts and Prayers, Hurt or Injured for Tom Brady, Connect the dots, Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, Humans vs the Sun, and Guys on Chicks.
74:16 5/18/2017
NBA Draft Lottery and Playoffs. Are the Spurs done or finished and will the Celtics win a game against the Cavs (2:17 - 6:36). The guys from Mickstape join us for Hot Seat/Cool Throne and Part 1 of our Kareem Abdul Jabbar interview (6:36 - 40:23). We talk John Wooden, Kobe, and the sky hook with Kareem as well as his new book "Wooden and Me". Segments include PR 101 for James Harden, Fair Play the Mike and Mike Break Up, Kings Stay Kings for Rovell's shitty tweets and Antonio Cromartie, Respect the Biz Peyton Manning MC'ing the ESPYS. Embrace Debate for the rest vs rust of the Cavs and Radio Wars vs Mark Cuban.
65:07 5/16/2017
Derek Jeter finally gets the recognition he deserves on Derek Jeter night (1:07 - 6:50) . NBA Playoffs and the Warriors are the new heels of the NBA (6:50 - 15:17). Stanley Cup playoffs and how hockey twitter will deal with a Nashville/Ottawa Stanley Cup Final plus fun facts about Ottawa (15:17 - 20:07). Who's Back of the Week (20:07 - 25:16) . Mike Conley from the Memphis Grizzlies joins the show to talk about the NBA playoffs, his new contract, and whether or not he wants to invest in our business ideas (25:16 - 50:02). Segments include Embrace Debate is Colin Kaepernick's name too difficult to spell, Talking Soccer, Sabermetrics, PR 101 for RGIII and Russ Wilson. Stay Woke is Avril Lavigne actually dead and Hank Hot In The Streets explaining the newest Spongebob Meme.
69:59 5/14/2017
The Capitals have lost. The Washington Capitals have lost again. They have lost without reaching the third round. PFT recaps going to Game 7 and what it's like to be a Caps fan (2:11 - 12:54). NBA playoff talk (12:54 - 17:30). Guys on Chicks (17:30 - 22:33). Hank Azaria joins the show to talk about his new show Brockmire, working on the Simpsons, Mets dildo gate and a couple table readings from famous movies (22:33 - 48:27). Segments include spinzone for Josh Gordon, trouble in paradise Arod and Jeter, Embrace Debate, hurt or injured and Jimbos of the week.
69:37 5/11/2017
NBA Playoffs and our new love Draymond the troll (1:06 - 4:50). Caps vs Penguins Game 7 preview (4:50 - 11:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (11:30 - 23:05). LA Clipper/NBA Free Agent Blake Griffin joins the show to talk about his foot injury (not a stubbed toe), Big Cat's tweet bashing the Clippers, NBA Free Agency and Lavar Ball (23:05 - 55:36). Segments include trouble in paradise for the 2008 Boston Celtics, The retirement of Locker Room Talk with Lenny and debut of Locker Room Talk without Lenny. Man Card for Matt Harvey, and Problematic for the St Louis Cardinals
71:11 5/9/2017
NBA Playoffs and turns out Lebron James is still really good at basketball. Stanley Cup Playoffs talking Blues, Caps, and the series everyone forgets out west (1:07 - 12:58). Who's back of the week in honor of John Daly winning his first tournament since 2004 (12:58 - 21:33). 4 time MLB All Star Paul Lo Duca joins the show to talk about his playing career, horse racing, what it was like when everyone in the clubhouse was doing speed, and a great Tommy Lasorda story (21:33 - 57:19). Segments include PR 101 for the Mets and Dildo Gate. Spin zone for Kristaps Porzingis getting "hacked". Kings Stay Kings for Darren Rovell and Lavar Ball. Embrace Debate. Marlins Man was on National Television so we called him and drunk idea.
79:12 5/7/2017
NBA Playoffs, Celtics vs Wizards Fight, Lebron Blames and the Capitals are officially in a load of trouble (1:52 - 15:02). Randy Moss from NBC sports joins the show to break down the Kentucky Derby and give us some winners for the big race on Saturday (15:02 - 29:43). Blake Bortles hops on for the monthly meeting of the Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club, discussing Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo (29:43 - 44:56). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers for Tyronne Lue, Bad Visual, Lane Kiffin blows our minds again, Shoe Roast for the new Big Baller Brand shoes, Respect the Biz, Hank Hot in the Streets, and Jimbos of the week.
76:11 5/4/2017
NBA Playoffs and Isaiah Thomas' puts up 53 (1:12 - 7:46). Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Caps are back after the Sidney Crosby injury (7:46 - 14:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (14:53 - 26:44). Rachel Nichols joins the show to break down all 4 Conference Semifinal matchups and answers the age old question, is Brad Stevens coaching for his job? (26:44 - 42:26). Zach Parise from the Minnesota Wild joins the show to talk Chocolate Milk, Sidney Crosby, and whether or not he's a Cake Eater (42:26 - 52:36). Segments include Respect the Biz for Northwestern School of Journalism, Talking Soccer, Embrace Debate Lane Kiffin tweets, Man Card for X Pac, Kings stay Kings for Adam Schefter, and the return of Guys on Chicks, the segment where Guys explain Women to Women.
71:47 5/2/2017
Stanley Cup Playoffs and it's time for the Capitals to hit the panic button (1:37 - 7:17). The Clippers are bounced for the playoffs and it's time to blow the whole thing up (7:17 - 13:12). NFL Draft round up, John Fox stay woke, Belichick found his new loophole, and not to brag but we called Joe Mixon to the Bengals. Who's Back Of The Week (13:12 - 25:44). Hall of Famer George Brett joins the show to talk about his baseball career, being single in a time with no cell phones, never lifting weights, and the famous pants pooping story (25:44 - 53:12) . Segments include Bad Visual for Roger Goodell wiping a booger on a handicapped child, Respect the Biz, Hurt or Injured Isaiah Thomas, Uhhh Ya Think for Dwight Howard being unhappy, Marlins Man was on National Television so we called him, Perspective and a Hank Hot in the streets for Fyre Fest.
71:27 4/30/2017

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