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How To Escape Busyness And Find The Time You Don't Seem To Have

Laura Vanderkam is an author and speak on the subject of time management, and her newest book is, "Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done." Executive Editor Joy Pullmann interviews Vanderkam about wasted time, the economics of time management, and skills of CEOs and other successful time managers.

00:40:00 6/12/2018

Past Episodes

Andrew G. Biggs is a resident scholar at AEI where he studies Social Security reform, state and local government pensions, and public sector pay and benefits. Biggs makes the case for a paid family proposal that would draw from Social Security benefits. Domenech and Biggs also discuss the financial disaster in Puerto Rico and the challenges they face in becoming economically stable.
00:48:00 8/20/2018
Daniel Darling, author of " "The Dignity Revolution: Reclaiming God's Rich Vision for Humanity," joins Bre Payton to call Christians back to remembering the importance of dignity. Dignity can transform our conversations on social media and in political debates. Darling is the vice-president of communications for the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.
00:51:00 8/19/2018
Michael Tracey, writer and columnist, joins Ben on this episode to discuss free speech, Alex Jones, security clearances, Russian "hackers", big tech, and the common threads that run through each of these public debates. "I trace all this back to the 2016 fake news...panic," Tracey said. "There was this reckoning among political media elites...and they in large part concluded that the most significant contributor to that was the fact that the Internet was just too open and too susceptible to bad actors."
00:56:00 8/16/2018
Nicholas Danforth is a historian and an expert on Turkey and the Middle East, as well as a senior policy analyst at the Bipartisan Policy Center. Danforth and Domenech discuss the cause and effect of Trump's sanctions on Turkey, the rise of Erdogan, Turkey's border crisis, and the Iran deal.
00:54:00 8/15/2018
Elizabeth Dwoskin, The Washington Post's Silicon Valley correspondent, has been following the issues tech companies are facing with free speech and how users view their platforms. Dwoskin and Domenech discuss shadow banning, Alex Jones, and how the government might try to regulate the digital world.
00:37:00 8/13/2018
Mary Rice Hasson is the author of the new book, "Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It's Too Late." She argues that families of faith should consider how issues facing public schools, like gender identity and ideological curriculum, will impact their children's character.
00:51:00 8/13/2018
On this special music edition of the Federalist Radio, Senior Editor David Harsanyi shares his top three albums with Mark Hemingway. They discuss the history and the music scene backstories behind bands like The Clash, Dinosaur Jr., The Sex Pistols, R.E.M., The Replacements, Nirvana, and Big Star.
00:53:00 8/12/2018
Steve Wymer is the Vice President of Communications and Policy at Nextdoor, the private social network for neighborhoods. Executive Editor Joy Pullmann interviews Wymer on how Nextdoor differs from other other social media sites in solving local problems, encouraging positive interactions among neighbors, and discouraging anonymous users.
00:52:00 8/9/2018
Vanessa Brown Calder is a policy analyst at the Cato Institute, where she focuses on social welfare, housing, and urban policy. Calder discusses government paid leave, the impact of policy on women, and social engineering.
00:50:00 8/8/2018
Grace Jo was born in North Korea and lost most of her family to starvation. Her father was killed by the state. She joins Bre Payton in studio to share her journey through suffering, escape, faith, and transition to life in the United States. "We thought we would die in North Korea because it was exposed to the government that we believed in Christianity."
00:54:00 8/7/2018

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