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Hour 2: How many other head coaches would you take over Zimmer?

7/10/19 Hour 2

  • Hot Routez
  • How many other head coaches would you take over Mike Zimmer?

Purple Daily
00:48:00 7/9/2019

Past Episodes

8/16/19 Hour 1

  • What does Sage want to see in Sunday Night's preseason game against the Seahawks?
  • How play action will help the Vikings hit on more big plays to Thielen and Diggs
  • How the expectations this year will/should effect what the Vikings do with Zimmer at the end of the year
00:51:00 8/15/2019

8/16/19 Hour 2

  • Myron and Coller catch up on some of the NFL stories that have happened since they last spoke
  • What storylines are surrounding the key players for the Vikings
  • What is Myron watching for on Sunday Night
00:53:00 8/15/2019

8/15/19 Hour 2

  • Courtney joins for hour two to discuss the Vikings putting Treadwell on the trade block
  • Courtney talks about her trip to Zimmer's Ranch
  • Coller and Cronin talk about Gary Kubiak's Press Conference today
00:54:00 8/14/2019

8/15/19 Hour 1

  • Sage tells us how he almost helped Antonio Brown find the helmet he wanted
  • Sage and Coller talk about how Kubiak's offense is a better use of Cousins' accuracy
  • Coller explains how Sage was just as good as Dan Marino in one category
00:55:00 8/14/2019
*Hot Routez makes a return with Coller, Cronin, Zulgad and Manny *Judd tries to make sense of what the Vikings are doing with the kicking/punting situation *Which coaches could be likely to get fired this coming season?
00:00:00 8/13/2019
*Matthew Coller and ESPN's Courtney Cronin discuss a few of the depth questions involving the Vikings, including cornerback and safety. *PFF's Draft Analyst Mike Renner joins for a look at the 2020 draft class. *Courtney picks the Vikings schedule again. Can they get to 11 wins?
00:00:00 8/13/2019

8/13/19 Hour 2

  • Steven Ruiz, Lead NFL Writer for For The Win, joins to discuss his thoughts on some of the news around the league
  • Derrik Klassen, of Football Outsiders, joins to go in depth on QB play
  • Sam Ekstrom, of Zone Coverage, joins to talk about the Vikings special teams situation
00:54:00 8/12/2019

8/13/19 Hour 1

  • Matthew Coller and ESPN's Courtney Cronin discuss the ongoing special teams situation the Vikings keep putting themselves in
  • Coller and Cronin breakdown how good Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs would be without each other
  • Coller spends the final segment making bad puns while Courtney tries discussing what else she wants to see in the last couple days of camp
00:54:00 8/12/2019

8/12/19 Hour 2

  • Judd Zulgad joins to talk about the Vikings kicking controversy that was brought on by themselves
  • Zulgad and Coller discuss Mitch Trubisky's not so good Training Camp and Preseason so far
  • Judd's thoughts on Kyle Sloter's performance Friday Night
00:56:00 8/11/2019

8/12/19 Hour 1

  • Sage Rosenfels and Matthew Coller talk holding for kicks and the Vikings special teams situation
  • Sage and Coller offer thoughts on Friday's win over the Saints and why QB's tend to succeed in this system
  • One last segment of Sage as Coller and him talk about Antonio Brown and the wierd situation in Oakland
00:57:00 8/11/2019

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