Q102 presents The Hot List

-98 Degrees coming to town! -Food and Beer news! -Does your dog need a job? -Rose Lavelle back in the news! -Reds making some big changes -Lots of traffic issues tonight

Q102 presents The Hot List
00:06:30 7/31/2019

Past Episodes

-Is Kevin from The Office coming to OTR with his chili? -The Newport Aquarium is looking for a 5 year old boy who made a donation. -What makes your kids the happiest? -Q To Do -College Football Saturday! -See the space station this weekend!
00:05:58 9/19/2019
-Taylor Swift on tour! -Are Twitter & FB making you a more negative person? -Halloween movie fans! -Oktoberfest Zinzinnati! -Spend all day with Andy Grammer
00:07:15 9/17/2019
-Is Jennifer Lawrence getting married? -Why being single in Cincinnati is a good thing! -The latest Halloween design trends -More Braxton! -Are dogs at work a good thing? -What is Drew MacDonald (NKU) doing now? -There are rare events that happen ALL THE TIME!
00:04:36 9/16/2019
-Why did Lil Wayne skip out on his concert over the weekend? -Want to sleep over at the Newport Aquarium? -Cincinnati is in Architectural Digest this month! -How to live longer. -How about them Bengals? -Where are the rides from Coney Island going?
00:05:12 9/15/2019
-Is Rhianna pregnant? -Does a full moon really effect people? -Middletown Beer News! -Should you lend money to family? -Q To Do -How old is the Victory Bell? -Mystery Oreos are coming back!
00:07:02 9/12/2019
-The Blink Parade Grand Marshall is... -Did you buy skims? -Buy your green in Pleasant Ridge -iPhone 11 and what it means for your pets -Do you live paycheck to paycheck? -Where does your food come from? -New KFC fries!
00:04:03 9/10/2019
-Changes to Britney Spears and her money -Changes at Coney Island -Katy Perry has more shoes coming -Downtown Kroger is opening soon! -Bob Dylan is coming to NKU -Mullets are back! -You might want to delete your period tracking app -Where do you have your best ideas?
00:04:46 9/9/2019
-Is Taylor Swift planning a new tour? -Which car gets the most speeding tickets? -Natiwood Update! -New bar and restaurant spots! -Joey Votto and Scooter Gennett! -The best fast food in Ohio is...
00:07:10 8/27/2019
-VMA recap! -New music from Post Malone -BLINK goes Christmas -Oktoberfest food news -New downtown brewery -What is a rage room? -Weiners and Barbies
01:07:50 8/26/2019
-Breaking Bad The Movie is almost here! -The MTV Video Music Awards are on tonight -Why are dogs better? -Where did the term "brownie points" come from? -Star Wars - The Hotel!
00:06:33 8/25/2019

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