Q102 presents The Hot List

-Kim K is getting a new career -Chip and Joanna Gaines' new TV Network launch date -What is the most relaxing color? -Major BLINK announcement -How is gardening good for your health? -What does a black hole look like? -A new way to visit NKY breweries and distilleries.

Q102 presents The Hot List
00:06:26 4/10/2019

Past Episodes

-Which Celeb went nude on Insta! -You'll never guess which local restaurant made a national Top 16 Best new list -Swearing can be good for you
00:04:26 7/10/2019
-Selena Gomez in Baywatch? -What is Ashanti doing? -Zoo in the evening! -Do you miss your Grandma's cooking? -Fireworks! -Is Cincinnati the best spot to live?
00:04:55 7/1/2019
-Another Kardashian baby? -Taylor Swift drama -How much sleep is TOO MUCH? -Rookwood Pottery is opening a new store -Star Wars in real life stereo!
00:05:01 6/30/2019
-Are Walter White and Jesse Pinkman coming back? -How much do you spend on a wedding gift? -Is Breaking Bad returning? -What is a 513 Way? -New stuff to Findlay Market -Have you tried CocaCola Salad?
00:04:49 6/25/2019
-Who is leaving "Shark Tank" -New stuff in the Nati -How good is an afternoon nap? -Gas is going UP! -USS Cincinnati -Toria's Couch Chronicles
00:06:31 6/24/2019
-Shark Tank is coming to Cincinnati -The baby giraffe has a name! -Can coffee help you lose weight? -The first Tri-State drive through Chiptole -2 Sky Wheels? -3on3 Tourney coming to X!
00:04:20 6/23/2019
Ariana Grande has a new tattoo, texting is causing some strange things to happen to our bodies and the Q to Do, a full list of things to get into this weekend!
00:00:00 6/20/2019
-Ashton and Mila, split rumors? -Edible cookie dough is coming to Cincy -How you can snag some afforable Bengals tickets
00:04:25 6/19/2019
-Ed Sheeran's list of collabs! -Jeopardy James donates money to what worthy cause? -Frontier Airlines adds 4 new destinations from CVG! -Reds on a winning streak?! -A UFO in Butler county? -Guys! Keep your dad bod! -Best roller coaster in Ohio is... -The worst thing to do on a first date
00:05:04 6/18/2019
-MTV Movie and TV Awards update -Changes to Cincinnati episode of American Ninja Warrior -Another Cincinnati Zoo baby! -Rose Strawberries -Cut your time at the BMV in half! -Reds win! -Eat Ribs and make money!
00:04:47 6/17/2019

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