Small Talk

Southern Steve Ceruti is back from vacation, and poses the question - When is it OK to ask a celebrity for a picture? Plus ... FreezePops's takes from Bumble Friend, the debut of Small Talk's Game of Thrones Correspondent, and a new edition of 10,000 Frogs.

Small Talk
01:00:50 4/18/2019

Past Episodes

Michelle chats with ESPN Radio host Sarah Spain to discuss her career path, wild birthday parties, and that infamous EBay post.
00:59:36 8/21/2019
Michelle and FreezePops went to a meetup with podcast listeners, and Ceruti big timed the group ... It was Michelle's birthday and one of the guys sent her a great birthday text ... Plus, pilgrim towns, celebrity encounters, a fantasy football conundrum and more.
01:01:50 8/15/2019
Michelle and FreezePops check in with Ceruti, who is on vacation at the Cape.They debate lake life vs. beach life, non-negotiables on a yacht, and the best songs to sing ... plus an insane new edition of 10,000 Frogs.
01:21:57 8/8/2019
Michelle is fresh off a trip to New York where she may have kind of found America's Next Top model, Ceruti is fresh off a John Mayer concert at MSG, while FreezePops is fresh off a weekend hosting his family in St. Louis. That, plus ... bad nicknames, and A+ Content.
01:11:27 7/31/2019
Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops field questions from listeners ... topics include shacking etiquette, WTF moments at ESPN, and how to know if you're being FriendZoned.
01:10:13 7/24/2019
Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops give their "Cool, No One Cares Power Rankings: 4.0," and breakdown the most annoying habits of the summer. Plus, conversation of estate sales, deodorant choices and more.
01:06:54 7/18/2019
Michelle and Ceruti are back from Chicago with some observations about guy's drinking habits and boy bands .... Plus, Are people still getting iced? Is Forrest Gump a bad movie? The group discusses that and more
00:59:18 7/11/2019
Michelle welcomes Ceruti and FreezePops back from vacation. Tom presents stories from his night of "sacred sin", and Ceruti has observations from California. Plus, the gang FINALLY does a "Big Little Lies" recap, and ponders whether or not water can "go bad."
01:12:37 7/2/2019
Michelle discusses what the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Championship means to her city, plus Barstool Sports personality Young Pageviews joins the pod. How his chinchilla Boris turned into a viral sensation and ended up in a drunk Brett Hull's hands, his superstitions, and stories from partying with the team and The Cup.
01:18:50 6/26/2019
The St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup Champions! Michelle and Ceruti celebrate and rub their victory in FeeezePops face. Plus, a history lesson on grinding and convo about the crew's first kisses
00:55:45 6/19/2019

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