Plugged In with Chris Howard

"From the Hardwood to the Gridiron: Epic Matchups and Burning Questions"

Welcome to Plugged In where we explore the most tantalizing "what if" scenarios in NBA Finals history, including potential showdowns between NY and OKC, Wolves versus Celtics, and Dallas taking on Indiana. We'll dissect the NBA's controversial decision not to suspend Murray and what it means for the league's integrity and player conduct. Switching fields, we roast NFL legend Tom Brady in a segment that's as shocking as it is hilarious, and debate whether the NFL's grueling season merits an additional bi-week. Over in college football, we unpack Kelly's claims about LSU's recruitment strategy and dive into Snoop Dogg's unexpected venture into sponsoring the Arizona Bowl. Lastly, we tackle the pressing issues facing the Olympics today, from doping scandals to the relevance of the Games, and speculate on who might replace stars like LeBron, Davis, and Joel on the Olympic team. Tune in for a packed episode filled with expert analysis, engaging debates, and a bit of fun-perfect for every sports enthusiast!

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