Foodie and the Beast

Foodie and the Beast - April 8, 2018

Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis. Today the show goes all local, all the time. Dawson's Market in Rockville (MD) Town Square is a market that features products from local vendors that have to meet strict standards for all-natural ingredients and production. The second Tuesday of every month, Dawson's hosts and highlights several of its select vendors whose products represent the excellence of its offering. Today. Bart Yablonsky of Dawson's is in with a number of his top providers, including: * Greg Glenn of Rockland Farms (Poolesville, MD) - Rocklands is a full working farm and vineyard. CEO Greg Glenn is in with tastes and talk of Rocklands' Anna's Ros , a Merlot, Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Cab Sauv blend, and Farmhouse, a 100% Chamborcin, whole cluster, steel aged, light, dry red wine. Bio: * Tsiona Bellete, an Ethiopian chef whose packaged foods use exotic ingredients from Ethiopia in dips, chips, dried soups and stews and more. * Jenn Rogers, CEO of newly launched Brawling Bear Brewing, with tastes of her Bare Knuckle IPA ( juicy East Coast Style India Pale Ale with sweet citrus hop flavors) And Low Blow Blonde Ale. * Andy Brown's Eat Pizza is taking the world by storm - A frozen pizza that cooks up perfectly (crisp bottom, doughy crust!) in the oven, Eat Pizza is at Dawson's, of course, but also at 54 Whole Foods and more.Ya Vietnamese yogurt is simply delish. Founders Fred Chen and Phuong Nguyen have perfected the offering in a range of good-for-you flavors. * Ever Bar founder Alex Hempfield has created a hemp seed protein bar now found nationwide and enjoyed by millions.

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