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E131. Glenn Greenwald Warns Against Becoming A Captive Of Your Audience

Glenn Greenwald (No Place To Hide , Securing Democracy ) shares the journey that led him to Brazil, how he met his husband, what led him to the path he's on, and why tries to make sure he's always open to people who challenge his convictions. He and Bridget discuss their shared mistrust of authority, why the acceptance of gay marriage accelerated so rapidly, living outside of America and how it influenced his perspective & writing, the dangers of going against your audience's tastes, and why the impulse to appeal to an authority figure to fix everything is a bad thing. They cover Operation Car Wash, how not being wedded to an ideological dogma engenders trust, why the length of Joe Rogan's podcasts is important, when you don't even realize you're self-censoring, the mental health crisis in the West, the differences between the way China flexes and the US flexes, the joylessness that has arisen on the left, and where to find independant journalism these days. 

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