Ep. 74 - Paul DeJong Signs a Big Deal; Tommy Pham? Not So Much

The Cardinals have rolled the dice on a long term deal for Paul DeJong, while Tommy Pham plays with a chip on his shoulder after failing to see eye to eye with the team.

Redbird Rejects
00:33:12 3/5/2018

Past Episodes

The Cardinals are wrapping up spring training, and the guys talk predictions for 2018 as well as what to do with backup catcher Carson Kelly.
00:33:20 3/19/2018
Matt Carpenter batting third is an interesting look. We're talking that, plus how Marcell Ozuna will adapt to a market that actually has baseball fans.
00:37:41 3/13/2018
Taking a look at the first week or so of Cardinals spring training
00:37:13 2/27/2018
With Cardinals spring training here, the guys go over questions facing the team...Like, is Bud Norris an answer for the Cubs signing Yu Darvish? Hint: No.
00:31:50 2/12/2018
The Cardinals dealt Randal Grichuk for two pitchers. We weigh in on that.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 What's with the lack of free agent signings?
4:00 Thoughts on the Cardinals trading Grichuk for Leone and Greene
18:00 Can we move Carpenter to hitting third so Fowler can hit leadoff?
24:00 Yu Darvish maybe to the Brewers? Yikes.
29:00 Best road trip in the majors
00:32:50 1/22/2018
Is it time for the Cardinals to take a risk to beef up their pitching staff? Here's the rundown:
1:00 It's been a quiet offseason. Is this a trend for the future?
3:00 Greg Holland; Do the Cardinals have enough cash to take a risk on this pitcher?
11:00 How staffing changes have put Mike Matheny in a better position to win
14:00 Thoughts on the Jake Arrieta to the Cardinals rumors
18:00 How the luxury tax may be screwing over players
22:00 Who would be your closer right now for the Cardinals?
00:23:27 1/8/2018
The Cardinals are making big moves this hot stove season, and it's fun to watch.
1:00 Thoughts on the Ozuna trade
10:00 Would the ask for Machado be too much for the Cardinals?
19:00 Stephen Piscotty is headed home to Oakland thanks to a classy move.
30:00 Remaining needs for the Cardinals this offseason
34:00 How will the Cardinals use Alex Reyes in 2018?
00:39:05 12/13/2017
The Hot Stove has gone cold as the Cardinals are waiting on Giancarlo Stanton.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Hot Stove is cold so far for the Cardinals. Will Winter Meetings pick it up?
3:00 Why waste time courting Giancarlo Stanton if he's not interested in St. Louis?
8:00 Are the Cardinals just Stanton's leverage for a deal with the Dodgers?
16:00 A few fun stories about blackout rage
21:30 Being a free agent in the offseason is scary stuff.
00:31:00 11/27/2017
The offseason is here, and it could well be a busy one for the Cardinals.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Remembering Roy Halladay as a great man on and off the field
3:00 Lance Lynn gets the qualifying offer. How much will he get paid?
16:00 Best options for Cardinals to grab this offseason
23:00 Players who were the biggest influence on your baseball career
30:00 Looking back on predictions from before the season started
00:42:40 11/7/2017
We're talking a hell of a World Series and how the Cardinals could get back to the dance next year.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Astros win the World Series, and a hell of a World Series it was!
12:00 The importance of players like Carlos Beltran as a veteran presence
20:00 Thoughts on the Cardinals hiring Mike Maddux as pitching coach
22:00 Will Mike Matheny let Maddux do his job?
27:00 What do the Cardinals need to add for success in 2018?
00:38:52 11/2/2017

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