Enough with Coach Laurie

Just because we think something about ourselves, doesn't mean that is what others think.

Enough with Coach Laurie
00:03:10 6/26/2019

Past Episodes

Be curious when you are talking with people, ask them to tell you more so you get the full story.
00:02:23 9/18/2019
Do I have a sign on my forehead that says "kick me?
00:01:48 9/11/2019
Do you want to be right? Or have a relationship?
00:03:40 9/3/2019
Do you want to be right? Or have a relationship?
00:03:40 8/28/2019
What does it mean to forgive? Who does it help?
00:04:10 8/20/2019
We easily throw out platitudes and sayings that are truly hurtful more that helpful. They may make us feel better but usually the person who is suffering is hurt even more by our carelessness.
00:03:34 8/13/2019
Sometimes we are looking for our purpose when it is right in front of our face. It could be a just for now thing, taking you to the next purpose.
00:02:04 8/7/2019
It's so much harder to stay in a positive place than a negative place. It takes intentional living.
00:02:24 7/31/2019
What it means to be a good listener. How to listen as a gift to others.
00:04:13 7/24/2019
A good way to keep yourself in a positive state of mind is to start a gratitude journal.
00:02:22 7/17/2019

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