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E225. Rob Henderson Discusses The Cost of Luxury Beliefs

Writer Rob Henderson sits down with Bridget to discuss Luxury Beliefs, what they are, why they disproportionately effect the lower classes, and why people who wield economic, social and cultural power are espousing public beliefs that they often don't adhere to in their own lives but seem very pleased with nonetheless. They discuss Rob's journey from foster care, to the military, to Yale, and what he noticed when he attended one of the most elite colleges in the country. They cover why education is a far better indicator of your beliefs than ethnicity these days, how the new way to demonstrate your status in society is through your beliefs, why self-censorship tends to increase the higher your education level, how instability is a far stronger predictor of detrimental life outcomes than income, how the elimination of standardized testing is actually hurting the people universities claim to be trying to help, and how true privilege is being able to enact policies that really only effect people who aren't as privileged as you. Check out Rob's Substack robkhenderson.substack.com, to find all his latest work.

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