Romantically Challenged (AUS)

Liz is 56 and done with dating and relationships, but not because she has given up, it's because she has realised that she is 'enough' on her own and that there are many types of love that make her feel fulfilled, not just romantic love. Liz chats with host Sami Lukis about this addiction to finding another person to complete you.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
00:30:47 2/13/2019

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Romantically Challenged (AUS)
How far would you travel for love?
Kate, from regional Victoria, talks to host Sami Lukis about the struggles of being single and dating in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else's business. They discuss man droughts, finding new single friends and just how far is too far to travel for love.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Am I 'good' or 'bad' at dating?
Sami Lukis chats to Todd, a man she recently went on a date with. What starts out as a conversation about his deal-breakers quickly turns into an awkwardly honest feedback session about what they thought of each other on their date.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Should we Give and Get Feedback on our Dates?
Sarah Swain has been writing articles about her dating life for more than a decade but is still none the wiser as to why she is single. Sarah speaks to host Sami Lukis about how Aussie men compare on the international dating scene, the effectiveness of 'Dating Coaches' and whether we owe it to ourselves and our dates to give each other feedback about why it didn't work out.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
What Makes Someone 'Bad' at Dating ?
Divorced Brisbane dad of 3, Mike, opens up to Sami about the challenges he's faced on the dating scene over the last 15 years, why the game-players aren't doing single men like him any favours, and why he thinks most women over the age of 40 are really bad at dating.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Choosing a Soulmate instead of a Cellmate
Therapist Katie Eden Todd says you should never choose a partner out of fear that you're 'not enough' on your own. She believes many people fall into toxic relationships, which she refers to as 'Cellmate' relationships, because they're trying to heal the wounds of their inner-child. In this episode, Katie explains her cellmate/soulmate theory to host Sami Lukis and provides some valuable tips on how to find your Soulmate.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Having That Fallback Person
Mark and Sami made a pact that if they were both single at 50, they would give up the search for romantic love and grow old together. Now that 50 is creeping closer, Sami Lukis catches up with her old friend Mark to chat about the pact and whether a platonic friendship is a realistic option for long term companionship?

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
The Importance of Being Resiliant
Lisa Stephenson had her first date at 35, after the shock breakdown of what she thought was the perfect marriage. Executive Coach Lisa Stephenson chats to host Sami Lukis about how tough the decision was to put herself out in the dating world again, the perception of being an 'intimidating woman' and how to be resilient through the ups and downs that life throws at you.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Asking Yourself The Hard Questions Early
Jo Thornely is an identical twin. Her twin sister is married and has children, Jo is happily unmarried, without children. Jo chats to host Sami Lukis about how the sliding doors moment of seeing her sister go down the family route freed up Jo to be honest about what she wanted for her own future.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Dating Multiple People at The Same Time
John can go on up to 5 dates a week spending up to $1000 a week on dating. He sees this as a necessary investment when searching for his next partner. John speaks to host Sami Lukis about learning to date after his divorce, finding a new singles' social group and multi-dating becoming the new norm.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Dealing With Rejection
Why does rejection hurt so much? Psychologist Rachel Voysey's answer might surprise you. Rejection is an inevitable part of dating so Sami Lukis chats to Psychologist Rachel about how we can get better at dealing with it...and the answer involves Tim Tams.

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