The Big Podcast With Shaq

Shaq escalates his rap war with Damian Lillard, breaks down the NBA/China issue, talks to Comedian Deon Cole and plays a game that SNL stole from the show this weekend on The Big Podcast with Shaq

Shaq's rap beef with Damian Lillard started two weeks ago right here on the podcast, and has continued to garner national news as it escalates. Now we have an epic round two!!... but Shaq reveals who dropped the hammer to make sure this was the final round. It's also interesting to hear Shaq's take on the NBA/China drama, and what Adam Silver needs to do to fix it. We're also joined by the hilarious Deon Cole whose got a new Netflix special, and he and Shaq exchange stories about their career. And we were floored when we saw an exact replica of our "Black Crime vs White Crime" game on Saturday Night Live this weekend - and while the bit was funny, it's always sour when someone steals from your show... so we play a round of the original game ourselves. And it wouldn't be a Shaqcast without a classic Borderline. Get into the mix on Twitter @Shaqcast - follow The Big Podcast with Shaq on Instagram and Facebook - or email your best clips and questions to

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