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Actor Danielle Macdonald, is the star of Patti Cake$ and upcoming film Dumplin'. Danielle chats with Jenny Cooney about how she shot straight to fame in Hollywood having never scored a role in Australia, and how strange life in Hollywood can be when you find yourself watching Friends on a flight that you are taking to go meet Jennifer Aniston.

00:00:00 9/11/2018

Past Episodes

Stuntman, film director and music video director Nash Edgerton, speaks to Jenny Cooney about how he got into stunt work and how a $80 film he made for Tropfest made him realise that he wanted a career in film making.
00:53:03 11/1/2018
Actor George Lazenby is the only Aussie to have played James Bond. His life off screen was similar to Bond, with plenty of women, cars, money and dangerous stunts. He tells Jenny Cooney how he scored the Bond role having never acted before and why he turned down the chance to make more Bond films.
00:00:00 9/11/2018
Actor Emilie de Ravin is best known for her roles in the tv shows Roswell High, Lost and Once Upon a Time as well as the film Remember Me with Robert Pattison. She chats to Jenny Cooney about striking gold with a string of hit shows and how she has made Hollywood her home ever since.
00:59:54 9/11/2018
Actor Toni Collette is synonymous with 2 movie lines "You're terrible Muriel!" from Muriel's Wedding and "I see dead people," from The Sixth Sense, which is funny seeing as she didn't deliver either of those lines. Recorded in the hotel room where they first met during the press tour for Muriel's Wedding,Toni chats to Jenny Cooney about her unique career and why she wasn't always convinced that the roles she became known for, would even be a hit in the first place.
00:43:02 8/1/2018
Editor Lee Smith has been part of some of the biggest movies in Hollywood, from Suicide Squad to The Dark Knight and Interstellar. He became a trusted member of both Peter Weir and Chris Nolan's film teams and won an Oscar along the way. Lee took a break from editing the new X-Men film to chat with Jenny Cooney about the importance of being a multi-disciplined editor and how his Aussie work ethic got him to where he is today.
00:43:15 8/1/2018
Director Phil Noyce is best known for his films Rabbit-Proof Fence, The Bone Collector and Patriot Games but among the Aussies in Hollywood Phil is known to be a godfather figure who has always looked out for fellow Aussies trying to make it in Hollywood. Phil shares his insider view about the early days of the Australian film industry with Jenny Cooney and the $97 million lesson he learned along the way.
00:54:04 8/1/2018
Crocodile Dundee actor and co-writer Paul Hogan was one of the original Aussies in Hollywood. From being a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to rubbing shoulders with Liz Taylor and Princess Diana, Hoges chats with Jenny Cooney about his incredible life and why the phrase he coined was "shrimp on the barbie" and not 'prawn'.
00:45:58 7/3/2018
Abbie Cornish's journey from country life in Lochinvar, NSW to Hollywood has been very much on her own terms. Following her 'internal compass' led her to decide that she would forge her own path in Hollywood, without the help of a publicist or agent. From playing a heroin addict in Candy opposite Heath Ledger to starring in Seven Psychopaths and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Abbie ahas always chosen interesting acting roles.
00:59:06 7/3/2018
Actor and director Simon Baker stumbled into acting when dropping a mate off at an audition for a TV ad. Years later he took a gamble and moved to LA (on a very tight budget) with his wife, actress Rebecca Rigg, and young daughter Stella...luckily that gamble paid off. Jenny Cooney has known Simon for many years and catches up with him to reminisce about his early days in Home and Away, to The Mentalist series and now his directorial debut with Breathe.
00:57:05 7/3/2018
Bruna Papandrea is best known for co-founding a production company that focuses on strong roles for women in Hollywood and her production slate includes Big Little Liars, Gone Girl and Wild. Jenny Cooney caught up with Bruna in her office in LA to discuss what led Bruna to starting the production company Made Up Stories.
00:45:25 5/20/2018

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