The Deegans

NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Brian & Hailie Deegan speak with NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.!! Dale discusses the rough path to a career as a professional driver, his relationship with his father, Dale Sr., his hopes and aspirations for Hailie and her future, and the current state of the NASCAR! Hear Dale discuss why he never thought he'd make it in NASCAR, a significant crash at 12 y/o that scared his father, his relationship with his father throughout the early party of his career, when his dad saw him race for the very first time after years of races, and the moment credits as the race that finally won him over. Dale also discuss the current state of NASCAR, the highs and lows in popularity of the sport, what he sees for the future, and whether NASCAR is ready for a Female Champion! PLUS, Hailie reacts to speaking with Dale Jr. and the impact he is still having on the sport! MANSCAPED - use code DEEGAN at for 20% OFF and FREE shipping!!

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